Handwriting examination.

In some cases when investigating criminal cases, as well as in other situations, there is a need for handwriting examination.Its essence is to establish compliance with the handwriting on any document with the handwriting of an individual, to verify the authenticity of signatures.Handwriting examination may also be administered to determine the approximate age and sex in the absence of the test performer samples, time, and other performance conditions. This study is very complicated and usually takes a long time.As its objects can act text, signatures, digital recording.For the examination of available experimental, quasi-free and free samples.

Forensic handwriting examination

appoint different cases: criminal, arbitration, civil, administrative, if necessary, establish the circumstances related to the study of texts (signatures).The objects can serve invoices, receipts, statements, receipts, wills, contracts, etc.Can not be investigated only alphabetic notation.Handwriting examination may be appointed for the comparison figures.Before specialist stand identification, classification, and diagnostic tasks.

experimental samples

selected specifically from a particular person to carry out a comparative study.They may be necessary in the following cases:

  • in the absence of free samples matched by elemental composition with records;
  • to confirm the fact that the free samples were performed audited entity;
  • for writing text in unusual conditions, to reproduce as much as possible those who were in the performance of the original.

If carried out handwriting examination of handwriting, the text dictated to.Entries are made in a variety of conditions: sitting, standing, etc.On examination signatures filled several sheets (in different positions).

Free samples

They are understood documents made verifiable in everyday life.It can be any application, such as employment, notebooks, diaries, etc. It is desirable to select those handwriting samples that were produced around the same time as the object under study.It should also be taken into account and the conditions under which it was formed.

Conditionally free samples

They are understood entries made in the consideration or investigation of cases.It may be interrogation reports, explanations, petitions, applications, etc.

Re handwriting examination

may designate, if the result of primary research is not received informed and clear opinion on the failure or bias the conclusions of an expert.In addition to the previous issues raised in the primary, re handwriting examination is carried out by another expert or group of experts.The results are compared.If necessary, the court may be guided by the two opinions.