What is the slings and what they are?

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more often on the street you can see the mothers who carry their child in his arms and did not skip it in a wheelchair: they use the sling (from the English. Sling - sling, scrappy holder), fabric device used to carry a child myself.How it can "tie", this mysterious sling?

If you think that the sling - it's just the usual big scarf with which is tied to the child itself, you are not quite right.There are several types of slings, each with their individual characteristics (style, style, type of fabric, additional mounting option and wearing bandages on themselves).Let us dwell on each.

Sling scarf

Sling scarf (Eng. Wrap) is a woven or knitted fabric width from 40 cm to 70 cm and a length of 2.2 m to 6 m. Woven sling-scarf made of natural fabrics,slightly stretching diagonally: 100% cotton twill weave or jacquard fabric.Woven Sling scarf does not stretch the width and length, and slightly extends diagonally, thereby hugs the body well-baby and mom, allowing evenly distribute the load on the back and shoulders.

addition, sling attached properly fit you, never bumping that can be used for long walks.Eventually, after several washings, woven sling-scarf becomes softer and more comfortable.Naturally, depending on the season, you can select the desired scarf sling-density: windproof and tight - for frosty winter and windy autumn, and light and transparent - for warm spring and hot summer.

knitted scarf sling made from a knitted fabric that does not stretch in length, but stretches across the width.This option sling is best suited for beginners, as the mothers and children: this scarf is characterized by its softness and can withstand up to 10 kg.Toddler much weight it will be uncomfortable to wear, because the jersey stretch.

Sling on the rings

Sling on the rings (Eng. Ring-sling) - a rectangle of fabric length from 1.5 m to 3.5 m and a width of 50 cm to 80 cm. At one end of the fabric insert 2ring (preferably metal) with a diameter of 6 cm to 10 cm, and the other end, or "tail", is pulled through the rings.The edges of the "tail" refers to a side, by which regulate the sling and sipping them apart.As a result of these actions is obtained with a special pocket tissue, which supports the baby in a pose "in the arms of my mother."

However, the load is distributed in such slings over one shoulder, because of what the baby should be periodically shift from one side to the other, bandaging sling.This sling is very convenient to use, so how to get the baby out of pocket quite easily.Sling on the rings is designed for children from 0 to 3 years;it can seamlessly feed the baby breast;shift is already sleeping child without waking him.

Regarding the fabric for its production, it should not stretch in length (permissible only minimal stretching wide and diagonally), to be genuine (calico, satin, cotton, corduroy, soft thin jeans stretch) and not slide when threadingin rings.In the latter condition is ideal calico.


May-sling, or Asian Sling (Eng. Mei tai) - a square or rectangular piece of cloth measuring 35x45 cm, to which the top sewn webbing length of 2 m, and the bottom - the same, but lessthe length of that tied around the waist as a belt.The upper straps are long enough to cross their parents behind and in front, on the back of the baby.

May-sling is made of netyanuschihsya tissue, while they can be combined: for the inner layer, which will be in contact with the baby, use a soft, natural fabrics, and outdoor - as you like.The straps should also be made of a fabric that will not crash into the shoulders "medium" or twisted.

This sling is easy to carry the baby behind.To be worn in May-sling may be pleased to join the Pope, because this model is convenient and easy to use, and looks modern.Wear your baby in a sling can be from 1 month to a position with divorced feet.Newborn feet wrapped into May-sling, tightly clutching him to her.

is worth noting that in May-sling may be significantly modified.Upper strap can be either narrow (from 9 cm to 13 cm) and wide (14 cm to 25 cm).The kit may include a headrest for the baby (Snap or have already sewn to the back).There are also many design options backs, which are made from different fabrics, with or without foam.All four straps can be short with fasteksy ends.Fasteksy - a special type of fasteners used on belts or tapes;buttoning accompanied by a click, and unbuttoned fasteksy by pressing fiksiruschie special items.


Sling-pocket (Eng. Pouch sling) is a relative of the sling on the rings, only without rings.It is considered the main advantage of its compactness: if necessary sling-pocket can be placed even in a small bag or backpack.Sling-pocket is made from strips of cloth to a length of 1.5 m and a width of 70 cm, which is sewn into the ring, making it easy to thread the finished product through the head.For the convenience of the kid in the fabric do tuck, that is deepening under the baby's buttocks, resembling a pocket.

for this model is characterized by size distribution and the presence of different design options for adjusting the length - with hooks, zippers, buttons.As a fabric sling-pocket or using a soft jersey cotton, which does not last long, the baby does not hang loose.

Sling-pocket can be called the easiest to use a sling or sling for Dummies.Suffice it once to see how to handle it, and soon you can enjoy yourself.Suitable for children from 0 to 3 years, especially for infants and those who are just learning to walk.Accordingly, the baby can be worn both horizontally and vertically, as if to put him in the ass pocket and took out the legs.

Sling backpack, sling or hard

sling backpack is also called ergonomic backpack that is comfortable for both the carrier and the child.Thus it can be used to carry the front.The sling-backpack child tightly to the mother takes a comfortable position (legs out to the sides and bent at the knees, as if the baby clings to her mother).

This model is made from padded foam or izolona soft bumpers, belt and Dart under the ass;wide belt (laid foam) and allow the webbing to spread the load on the shoulders and back, "the media";Many models have the headrest to secure the baby's head when he fell asleep.

Sling backpacks are divided by size: for children up to 12 kg, from 4 months and beyond, as well as increased landing place for the baby.The third type is also called "Toddler" (from the English. Toddler - an independent kid).Sling Backpack of this type has an elongated back, thicker straps, which are attached to harnesses mounting fasteksy that optimally distribute the load while wearing a big baby."Toddler" can be used to carry children up to 15 kg.

These kinds of slings can be combined: there are such hybrids as sharfomay (May-sling, sewn from fabrics for sling-scarf), a koala-tai (Mai Tai with a wide belt with buckles, fasteksy and the two webs of fabric twill weave,which are mounted independently of one another), koalakerri (sling backpack sling and May), Japanese Sling (May-sling in which the upper straps are threaded into the attachment ring-stitched to the back), etc.

As you can see, the options are many, but they all look the same: a child will always be with you.It remains only to choose a suitable sling.

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