Stork with a baby - the value of symbols

Often when a small child asks parents about where he came from, Mom and Dad say, "The stork brought you to us!" The source of these words lies in the ancient legends and beliefs.And almost every nation, there are many proverbs, signs, associated with this amazing bird.

What do the storks

Stork Baby - multi-valued symbol.For many nationalities living in Russia, this bird was associated with the beginning of life, the mystery of birth.Because they say that storks bring babies.In this statement we hear echoes of the Slavic pagan beliefs and ancient Greek and Roman mythology.Goddess Hera (Juno), wife of almighty Zeus (Jupiter), was considered to protect hearth and home, the wives and mothers, especially nursing.She prayed for a woman who dream to have a baby.A storks were sacred birds belonging to Hera.And believe that if they come near the house, a woman is required to become pregnant.Since that time, and is associated with the baby stork, with the happiness of the child's birth.In ancient legends and folk imposed observation of nature.For these proud beautiful birds come in the spring when all life is awakened from a long winter sleep.Miracle hatched first germ, the first blossoming flower, fragrant glutinous first leaves on the trees, bright sunshine - all this represents the beginning of a new cycle of nature, and arrival of storks organically fits into it.And the arrival of spring, the transfiguration of the world associated with the birth of a new life.Therefore, it is a stork with a baby in its beak, and became the symbol of motherhood and birth.In addition, if you remember the Christian tradition, even in this religion bird it was consecrated and symbolized self piety and purity who believes the resurrection of the soul.In the cultures of the East legends tell of storks as the only birds in nature, which not only feed and raise their young, and communicate with parents, and even help them with food during the famine years.They live in pairs, from one year to return to their former place of residence, to their native nests.So it is quite justified, as in the legends and superstitions, proverbs and sayings mentioned stork with a baby.It embodies the warmth and love of home, family and life.

Stork - a bird of peace and goodness

As we have seen, with storks involves a lot of good and light beliefs.The Moldovan legends rescued the bird protectors one of the fortresses, when they were surrounded by Turkish invaders.People who had taken refuge outside the city walls, weakened by thirst and hunger.A bunch of grapes brought by birds, gave valiant soldiers Moldovan forces and they repulsed the enemy, defended the lives of their loved ones.That is why the emblem of wine of this southern state became a stork with a bunch of grapes in its beak.And the pictures in which flying stork brings the baby, too, are often found in folklore, not only Moldovans.It is believed that if the bird house near the couple built a nest, so people will visit a great success: the family living there will be a happy and their life - in abundance."Stork on the roof - peace on earth," - said the old people.Because it has long been depicted on the arms of many cities of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.Remember the famous song ensemble "Pesnyary" of Belarus.It also became the protagonist of a stork - symbol of Motherland, a peaceful life filled with joy.A touching and funny pictures "Stork with Baby" can often be seen on signs maternity hospitals and antenatal clinics, greeting cards, books for children.It's kind of amulets, patron and protector of mothers and children.

That's wise and loving bird joined in the human consciousness with the most important and the best manifestations of life.