Alexandrite (stone): properties of medicinal and magical gem

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In nature, there are many amazing stones, the properties of which differ significantly from each other.They can heal, bring good luck and give energy.In this paper, we examine the alexandrite - a stone whose properties are multifaceted and surprising.We learn its composition, the effect of magic, as well as to whom it will fit most.

This is a very mysterious and surprisingly beautiful gem that is still in another called "Ural chrysoberyl."It was first discovered in the Urals, on the birthday of Alexander II in 1842.Hence the name.Alexandria - a stone whose properties are very unusual.Because of them, initially considered a mineral mistaken for emerald.The fact is that during the day, he has a very beautiful deep blue-green color.But once in the evening hours in the room where he was, lit candles.The color change of the mineral - stone painted in purple tones!From the time of Alexander considered special gem, endowed with magical properties.People even thought he was a werewolf: the sunlight, he was an emerald, and under artificial lighting turned into an amethyst.That is what is unusual alexandrite (stone) properties!The photos below show how this can be a mysterious gem.

If we talk about the physical characteristics, it can be noted that this mineral is very hard, because it consists of a complex tetroxide beryllium and aluminum particles of chromium, giving it a delightful shade.

Alexandrite (stone) has a truly magical properties.It improves circulation man, strengthens blood vessels, purifies the blood.Mineral able to help in case of problems with the pancreas, diseases of the spleen, and yet he will prevent scabies and leprosy.But as it is a stone-werewolf, ornaments made from it, should be worn only during the day and at night be sure to shoot.

Besides medical faculties precious material is endowed with magical properties.Since its color changeable, then fit a stone more than the people, the mood of which is not constant.There have been documented cases where a gem changed its color depending on the mood of its owner.Astrologers believe that the alexandrite - a stone whose properties are able to prevent a nervous breakdown on who wears it, eliminate stress and improve relationships with other people.

This mineral for strong personalities that can withstand all the blows of fate.Therefore, those who are persecuted failure, this gem is perfect werewolf and help keep friendship with good friends, will improve the financial condition will become rich, raise the status of a team and, of course, improve health.Here are a alexandrite (stone) properties!

price at which it is proposed to buy the owners of jewelry stores, emphasizes the dignity of this extraordinary mineral.Ring with this magical stone in the middle can be purchased for 15-20 thousand rubles, depending on the weight.