Gayatri Mantra for the fulfillment of dreams

Gayatri Mantra is considered to be the quintessence of all the wisdom of the Vedas.Everything that has been laid over the centuries in these sacred texts, was embodied in a few words that used to read only the priests, meeting each new dawn.Now these words have become accessible to everyone.Anyone can use the wisdom of India to fulfill their desires in life, or at least for cleansing from evil forces.

What is the Gayatri Mantra?

Mantra - a coherent set of words, small text that made intone with a purpose.The Vedas contain different verses, which are recommended to be used in specific situations.Only the Gayatri Mantra is found in all the Vedas, which are known to be four.

word "Gayatri" has several meanings.This is the name of the goddess, and the size of the line, and the name of the mantra.Higher eponymous creature blesses and protects everyone who regularly uses this verse, who celebrates spirituality and virtue (so they say yoga).

What is the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra ?

translation of this verse very much.As word of his constituents, ambiguous, their combination creates different images.For example, in this verse to put a meaning, "God is the sun like! Glory and look at it! Light the face of it illuminates us, falling on us! The sun is shining brightly. We contemplate him. Let it guide us on the path of truth! We merge with lightSun acquire the truth and the meaning of God! Oh, Divine Source of Light! Give me one of his countless rays so that I can for a moment be inflamed as bright as you are! "

Everyone intuitively puts into his understanding that radiates his soul.Appeal to a higher power for advice and support - that is the Gayatri Mantra.Text pronounce an unfamiliar language.But it is quickly absorbed into the subconscious, creating music out there, consonant with the understanding of the solar light and joy!

For someone created Gayatri Mantra ?

used to be that all of these texts were created just for the initiated.Exceptionally priests could read the mantra.A different understanding of investing now and in the reading, and the use of the Vedas, which is part of the Gayatri Mantra.Sai Baba, the famous Indian saint, virtually made a cultural revolution in the religious society of the country.He said that all that is a legacy of the ancient sages, completely created for all people.No matter any caste, gender or skin color, or a person's faith.Anyone can use the Vedas for their welfare and happiness of other people.

How to read the mantra

Baba recommended clearly pronounce each word.So that you understand, that it is talking about.But apart from that, when reading the verse need to visualize their understanding of God's light to all.Gayatri Mantra - not amulet for personal use.This appeal to the higher powers with a request to give enlightenment to all mankind!It is not selfish sense.Sincere faith allows you to structure all the space so that the Divine Light affects everyone who talks to recite the mantra!