Which browser is best?

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program for Web browsing, ie browsers, there are many.Hardened people who had worked with most of them, of course, long been decided which browser is better.By "best" in this case is necessary to understand "best for each of them."Because if you ask them this question, each categorically call a particular browser, and foaming at the mouth will prove that he is the best.And each will be a computer genius to call, of course, different browsers.Try to figure it out inexperienced user to!

Generally, the browser is now one of the basic programs, without which life can not imagine any digital professionals, nor the most frail people.Without the Internet today, it is simply impossible to live or work.This is the surest way to get information.Absolutely anyone.And from a variety of sources.In addition, it is the fastest way - to the "production" of information is required just a few minutes.Today, the Internet can not compete, no library.

So, point number one - many browsers and each of them is good in its own way

.Everyone decides which browser is best for him.The choice is usually made on the basis of personal preferences and peculiarities of use of the program.

Most popular browsers - is Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Among Internet users were surveyed on the topic "Which browser is best to use." popular browsers on its results as follows.

  • Internet Explorer - 41,56%
  • Fire Fox - 28,71%
  • Chrome - 11,75%
  • Safari - 9,26%
  • Other - 4,47%
  • Opera - 4,25%

Most readers are already using some form of browser will immediately indignant: how is it?Is Safari Opera worse?That's not!I like it better!We agree.Again pay attention to the subjective nature of these estimates. you choose.We will try to give an objective description of each program to be able to understand the differences between them and make their own choices.

Remarque to clarify

popularity rating shows is actually not what internet browser is better, and what programs people use.At the same time, most used program called "best" because of other just do not know and they do not compare.

As for Internet Explorer, the browser objectively almost the worst.Rank in the survey it is because it is installed with Vindovs.Many do not even know that there is a more convenient program and use the default Explorer.

The speed of downloading and opening the home page browsers can rank as follows:

  • 14,0 Fire fox
  • 10,6 Safari
  • 8,5 IE
  • 8,1 Chrome
  • 7,1 Opera

The speed of change pages procedure varies slightly:

  • 7,8 Safari
  • 7,4 IE
  • 7,3 Opera
  • 7,0 Chrome
  • 6,4 Fire fox

One of the mainparameters, which pay attention to when choosing a browser - it functional .Which browser is better in this case?

clear leader in this indicator - Firefox.And the weakest link - Internet Explorer, which is not implemented, no plug-ins, extensions, etc.

Up to 11 version is very weak in this regard has been and Opera, are not supported by the extension.Now these defects are corrected by developers.

by criteria of safety (ie software bug that could make available data from your computer to other users) browsers are ranked (to reduce the reliability of the high to low) because:

  • Opera
  • FireFox
  • InternetExplorer
  • remaining

Safety Opera due to the relatively small degree of its use.While the giants of Internet Explorer and FireFox are often subjected to attacks of evil computer geniuses.

Now we can do some more or less objective conclusions.Definitely say which browser is better, after all, difficult.Perhaps the best solution for those who have not yet decided on the choice of browser is Opera - fast, convenient and reliable enough.Try it.If you do not like it, there is still a lot of options.