What you need to know when buying gold

you decided to buy a piece of jewelry.Excellent!But know, gold tampered with at all times.The most common adulteration - the so-called Gypsy Gold, under the guise of selling the precious metal highly polished brass jewelry.How not to fall for the bait scams when buying gold jewelry?

Samples gold

high purity gold - is a relatively soft material, which can quickly wear out and scratch.To make the hardness of gold, various additives (a ligature) that improve the physical properties of the alloy.For this purpose, the most commonly used copper and silver.To indicate the amount of gold in the alloy used sample.There are several kinds of samples of gold, but the most popular are two of them - and the metric carat.

Russia has a metric samples of gold.For example, if the alloy contains 375 grams of gold and 625 grams of ligatures, that gold has a 375 sample.Now in Russia there are 375, 500, 585, 750, 950 and 999 gold.

In the UK, the US and some other countries (as well as international trade) system is used carat gold samples.Carat sample shows how many parts pure gold contains 24 parts alloy.That is, if you say you to 18K gold, which means that 24 pieces of alloy contains 18 parts of gold and 6 - ligature.Go to the metric system samples is quite simple: it is necessary to divide the sample into a 24 carats, for example, 18K sample corresponds to 750 metric sample.In the jewelry industry are used in the sample 9,10, 14, 18 and 24 carats.

Landmark - kokoshnik

You want to choose jewelry now, remember: fill up your own "gold reserve" is necessary only in the jewelry store.But there should not relax.Even if you have an eye-diamond, better still armed with uncomplicated technical equipment - magnifying glass.

Stamp Russian gold alloy is a woman in a headdress, Ukrainian gold sample is a trident.

More about the stigma of the Russian sample.

On the back of the product should be clearly visible woman's profile in the headdress.This young lady - to wealth.Since 1994, her image - the official state hallmark.However, there is one nuance: if the golden girl gazed left, alas, fake jewelry.Women's head should be turned to the right certainly.If the mark on the decoration is not at all, it means that it has not passed through the Russian Assay Chamber and sweetheart may well be the samovar.

On old gold jewelry stigma placed in a five-pointed star with hammer and sickle.A new product made from precious metals that are sold in jewelry stores, should have sealed the labels, which contains all the information about the manufacturer and the jewelry.

Information: Ukrainian sample of gold is a trident.

at the price tag of any gold products must be given the following information: name and address of a jewelry enterprise, the name and a sample of the precious metal and weight.

Also, when choosing gold jewelry pay attention to the "wrong side."The better it is processed, the higher the quality of gold were used.

There are "folk" methods of testing gold jewelry.Damage to the counter, for example, a gold ring, for which you are assured, and that the ring that you want to purchase.If you fall you have to hear the same sound like a crystal bell.

quality woven gold chain to identify easily.First, wrap it around your finger and then unwound.The process should take place without effort.And as a result of the links do not have to twist and tangle.

Do not chase the cheap gold, which is produced in Turkey or Tunisia.Turkish jewelers are added to gold is very much brass, forget about silver than gold give "scarlet" appearance.Despite the fact that it is made in favor of the Russian buyer, this gold will fade very quickly, and at melting can simply burn.


gold color gold jewelry depends on the additives (ligatures) that are added to the production of gold.In Russia it is accepted to add copper alloys, so the Russian gold has a reddish hue, in Europe and America - the silver, so foreign gold has a yellowish tint.Adding copper to gold jewelers have come up a long time ago.It was believed that the heated gold should have a reddish or "scarlet" shade, which really helped a fair dose of copper and a little silver, but after a while the gold become dim.

Depending on ligatures, gold alloys can take different colors.In addition to red and yellow, and the huge popularity of white gold in a ligature which includes platinum, palladium or nickel.It is obvious that gold is very expensive and is used to create jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones.Also gold may take green (because adding cadmium), gray (due to impurities steel) or bluish color.

When buying white gold become familiar with its structure.If the composition of the master alloy has nickel, it can cause allergic reactions in the person who will wear this jewelry.

Which is better?

Russian traditionally prefer red gold (in the Western sense pink - (pink), because it is the only in the world of "Red." And for example, in the United Arab Emirates said that the Russian gold - the worst. As Prada?

ForUAE is characterized by "Wedding gold" - when the bride hang literally like a Christmas tree big jewelry without stones. The most important thing for these ornaments - they should have the color of the absolute gold, so an Arab wedding gold has a 916 or 958 test. The durability of these decorations is almost irrelevant- they put on only for a wedding and have a good look once.

Russian prefer to "decorate every day", so sense to buy for everyday wear products from 916 or 958 gold - no. A week later the product will look scratched, and a month laterlose the aesthetic look, if we're talking, for example, about the rings.

So after all our gold is the best in the world or the worst in the world, right?Neither one nor the other.Different people are different concepts about the value and beauty.The trial does not determine the value of the jewelry.It is much more important than aesthetics.Whether you like it personally decoration or not?Trust is only my opinion.Only this is important.

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