What color is combined with beige?

beige all loved for his gentleness and calmness, practicality and the ability to be combined with a variety of shades.Urgency beige never lost, it is actively used in the creation of their collections designers and stylists at work on images with him experimenting experts in interior design.Those people who are not related to these professions, are not overlooked calm beige.And they are, and we are concerned about what color is combined with beige well, what framework are experimenting with this seemingly universal color.

Determination of color

Beige relates to the light, dim shades of yellow.Beige can be called the color of coffee with the addition of large amounts of milk, dim light yellow color, the majority of light shades of brown can be called beige.As you can see, its definition is very broad.Beige has many tones: it can be green, pink, or slightly reddish orange and many other colors.

word "beige" is derived from the French word for natural color cotton, gray-brown.It is considered a neutral beige color - not warm and not cold.When the task is to decide which color is combined with beige when you make a home or choosing clothes, this shade is often seen as a versatile and able to be combined with anything.Is it so?

Beige interior

In relation to beige in the interior of people fall into two extremes: some find it boring, "no", the versatile and use it too much.According to interior designers, the color scheme really is the best choice if customers prefer a gentle, calm.

all traditional styles of interior allow widespread use of beige: classical and Empire, English, American, and other variants of these styles.Now consider what color is combined with beige interior is best and what other options there are urgent.

beige combinations with other colors in the interior design

There are several proven the best options, and from them we can get knowledge about what goes with beige color when placing living rooms.

Interesting combination obtained from beige with pistachio, lilac color.They are perfect for decoration of bedrooms.Also, they are relevant for children's rooms, as they contribute to the child's activity while being non-aggressive.

beige and gray colors, in spite of some prejudices and look great together.Grey, white and blue color in combination with beige are the classic combination of traditional styles of interior.

Fresh and bright looks the combination of saturated beige and red.Despite the boldness of the color solution, it looks moderately active, helps to emphasize certain parts of the situation.

Designers give advice about what color is combined with beige in the interior of the kitchen.In this room beige looks good with the addition of black, brown, red, creating an active composition.The calm interiors of kitchens are obtained in combination with a pale peach, yellow, light shades of green grass.In these interiors felt comfort, coziness, helps to relax after a busy day.In the kitchen, the whole subject to the same laws of combination as in the other rooms.So ask about what color is combined with beige interior only in the kitchen, it is not necessary.

Beige clothing

fashion images created on the basis of beige, are always different refinement and nobility.So, if you want to look elegant and romantic, you can stay at the beige clothes elements, combining them with other colors.

ban in the use of beige clothing is monotony: eliminating other colors and shades, you can look bleak.

Tips stylists about what color is combined with a beige dress, tell us the following.Neutral beige is best combined with brown, black, red, emerald green, blue and white.

Different shades of beige create a favorable combination with other colors.For example, beige, gray shade looks good in an ensemble with blue, fuchsia, purple, pink.Pink and beige combined perfectly with the gray and brown, the color of mint and lime green.


Now we know what color is combined with beige interiors of different rooms, as well as clothing.As a result, we see that actually beige and all shades are not boring, and only require a competent combination with other colors.

Beige able to emphasize certain elements of both the interior and clothes, tune up makes other colors.The only taboo - only use beige, without any other hue.The rest of this beautiful color can be called truly universal.

We hope you have learned from the article is something new for themselves and be able to apply it in practice.