Zone 51. Myths and Realities

on any map no signs of her.She was considered the most secret US base.And only at the end of the last century of its existence it has been officially recognized.Zone 51. Myths and Realities.

secret base

area where the zone 51, located in Nevada.

You can get there by car, but the road there is always deserted.No village or a road sign, a huge billboards that indicate that what lies ahead is a dangerous area.On the one hand protected by the military base, on the other hand it is surrounded by mountains.On its territory there are hangars, whose purpose is to store jet and rocket launchers.It is believed that the zone is a research laboratory for the creation of modern nuclear weapons.

Stories employees

One of those who first told about the secrets of the zone was Bob Lazar.In his statements, he argues that the main object of the base is under the ground, and this is not nothing but a laboratory for the study of UFO NLO.Kak scientists extract information about an extraterrestrial civilization remains a mystery, but there are a number of assumptions that the data comes from the wrecked alienships.There is a theory that the US government is not just hiding information about investigations of UFOs, and is directly in contact with them.At the end of the last century, one of the employees of the zone 51, made a statement that the scientists placed the base of extraterrestrial beings.Then the US government hastened to deny this fact.He gave himself even President Bill Clinton, who officially recognized the existence of such a landfill in Nevada, but categorically denied all rumors of UFO laboratory.But his speech Clinton only fueled speculation about such studies.

Opinions scientists and UFO eyewitness

It's no secret that there are people who are engaged in a thorough examination of the UFO.Their observations suggest that the number of unidentified flying objects has increased dramatically in recent decades.In addition to statements from former employees, there is evidence of ordinary citizens that 51 area became a place of observation of strange phenomena and objects.In the 90s of the last century one of the locals said that over the territory of the base at a low rate decreased fireball.He hovered a few hundred meters above the ground, but once the floodlights illuminated the object, the ball slowly began to climb up and then disappeared with lightning speed.Around the same time, only a year later, the zone 51 has again become the object of attention.Across the entire territory of the base at high speed it raced through several small bright objects.Bob Lazar says that the zone 51 often attracts strange objects.Special device mounted on the base begins to vibrate and make noise.

What is there really?

Many believe that in the territory of Nevada is really base.It is often called - Zone 51. Photo by satellite can be seen on any maps.But is it really there is hidden a scientific laboratory for the study of extraterrestrial civilizations, and especially to establish a relationship with them?Perhaps the rumors of the existence of 51 subject areas in order to divert attention from the real-life secret bases.If we take the basis of a report by Robert Lazar, the interest in this place is the usual course of advertising, which is made in order to show the superiority of the American people over other countries.But there are experts who are more than confident that the underground area is located 51 Secret Laboratory.And until now, every day on the military base aircraft delivers about 1,500 workers, and in the evening takes them back.And what they were doing, and it remains a mystery.