Non-conviction certificate - how to make and where to get it?

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conviction certificate is usually required for the design of employment in another country, visa, obtain a residence permit or citizenship.This document is needed not only from the main residence, but also of the countries in which the applicant for some time lived in or was on study (in the service) more than six months.So, the main question - where to get a certificate of good conduct?It is necessary to understand.

To help was on the hands of good conduct, it must first issue.Or rather apply its design.It is served in the Department of Information Technology, which is under the Interior Ministry.You can also contact the IT department in the community.This is done personally, the person to whom the document is needed.You must have a passport.

addition to statements require a receipt, which states that services were paid information service Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as receipt of payment of a special form for this reference.

There are some exceptions, which are worth knowing, though they may not be necessary: ​​

  • can implement submission of the application, as well as the subsequent getting help by using a trustee.Then you will need to provide a copy of the passport of the principal.Sometimes even need a power of attorney notarized.
  • not consider applications that arrive in the mail.
  • consider the application within a period of one to 30 days (it depends on the urgency and the feed point).
  • Not provided reference direction at the home address.

If a person lives outside of their state, but a certificate of good conduct is needed in his home country, then it can be obtained in the following ways.

Seek it in the diplomatic mission of his native state.Then the request will go through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Affairs).Timing of this certificate depends on how dexterous involved in the chain called "consulate-MFA-dit", as well as on whether to legalize.

Where can I get a certificate of good conduct?You can apply to their home country in FMP, ICU, DIT by proxy, which can be an agent, a friend or relative.To obtain such a document as a certificate of good conduct, will be enough only a photocopy of the passport.Perhaps even need to be a power of attorney, which is easy to arrange with the consulate of his country in a state where at the moment a person lives.How it apply?

If a person lives in or CIS states, which have signed an agreement on judicial cooperation with his country, you can send the power of attorney has been certified by a notary.

if he lives in another state, the other options here.If a country, which will be made out power of attorney - the Hague Convention (05.10.1961g.), Then it will need to assure more and apostille.In those states that are not included in the convention, a power of attorney certified by a notary, will be subject to consular legalization, which will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.To avoid this, you can buy this paper at the consulate of the country once in their native language.This would eliminate the procedure of legalization.