Moscow Museum of Darwin.

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unusually rich variety of exhibition centers, galleries, exhibitions and opening the capital of our Motherland, Moscow.Darwin Museum, located in a beautiful modern building has an interesting history of origin, which is inextricably linked with the name of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Alexander Fedorovich Kots, founder and first director of the Darwin Museum.

founder of the museum

date of foundation of exposure is considered in 1907 - a time when AF Cotes was invited as an assistant in the department of natural sciences of the Moscow Higher Women's Courses and exhibited there as visual aids his personal collection of stuffed animals and products.This date is considered the birth of the future museum.In 1913, a collection donated by AF Coates, was named the Museum of the evolutionary theory of the Moscow Higher Courses for Women.It should be noted that the scientist's wife, Nadezhda Ladygina fully share ideas husband gave to replenish the collection with new exhibits her dowry.

One of the most popular at all times

In the 20s combined outstanding scientist lecturing at several schools with the work of the director of the Moscow Zoo, and he founded the museum, which in 1922 got its own building.In those years, many educational institutions opened Moscow.Darwin Museum on the background of atheism as a state policy was particularly popular.He never empty.It is a new era for the exhibition came in 1995, when she moved to built with all the modern requirements of the building.Huge areas are covered with thousands of exhibits.Do not count what can rightly be proud of Moscow.Darwin Museum, its collections and exhibition - the largest in Europe.

Europe's largest

said to familiarize yourself with all the exhibits are not enough for a month.This place is called the museum-university staff is so serious approach to the role and position of the institution.Numerous tours are divided into 4 categories according to age groups.Lectures scientifically substantiated, but are presented in an interesting entertaining way, especially for the category of children under the age of 10 years.Guides appear in costume, relevant topics, such as harmful bacteria and so on. D. The following categories are as follows: high school students, high school students and adults.Each tour has a well thought-out route.Besides the main hall, which starts all the lectures, there are many thematic rooms.They also are presented to the development of young zoologists.Several exhibitions on the theme of the theory of evolution is Moscow.Darwin Museum offers the most popular of them having the highest ranker.

attractive, interesting, modern, affordable

exposition is located in a huge building on the Vavilov Street, house 57. footprint and the size of the exposure is second only to Darwin Museum Polytechnic.The beautiful main building of underground passage linked with another exhibition complex, which hosts various art exhibitions.Darwin Museum (Moscow) has the most affordable price: the entrance to the main building for adults costs 200 rubles, exhibition center - up to 90 rubles.Children are free.This museum is considered to be the most modern in Moscow.All it tells how the origin of species, evolution, for their development and settlement on our planet, and of the theory of Charles Darwin.Among the thousands of exhibits, there are long-extinct animals and fauna are absolutely all over the Earth.Therefore, near the offices are always long queues.It is the largest museum in the world evolution.

Another jewel

most enthusiastic words deserves Paleontological Museum in Moscow.He, too, is never empty, and is located in a specially constructed building for him, the door of which opened in 1987.In addition, the largest exhibition complex is part of one of the leading units of the Paleontological Institute.The museum exhibits are taken from the Kunstkammer of Peter I. The collection of bones of prehistoric animals collected by the king at the time moved to Mineral Cabinet Academy, where, of course, constantly replenished by various instances, with the result that in 1925 there was the Geological Museum.Funds it was quite heterogeneous and required the separation into individual exposure.The idea was in the air back in the 30s, was even a draft of the museum, fully meets the requirements of the time, but the war and the partial evacuation of the museum in Alma-Ata.

Revival museum

And only in the middle of the last century for 20-years, scientists and architects have mastered the state allocated funds to establish the Museum of Paleontology.Over its restoration along with senior staff and architects worked recognized designers and animal painters of the capital.The project involved building team led by Yu Platonov.The result was stunning - red brick building is unique, beautiful and reminiscent of the defensive medieval fortress.The courtyard is surrounded by four exposition areas, each of which is decorated with castle tower.In the world there is nothing similar.Two above the museum in common with each other, because paleontology - the science of fossil organisms exist in different geological periods, and in the Darwin Museum also presents such exhibits.

All Muscovites

unique collection of the Museum of Paleontology is not inferior to its design - ceramic murals and forged brass lamps stagger the imagination.

museum tickets worth $ 100 - and that, too, adds to his appeal.Located at street Profsoyuznaya, house 123, exhibition complex attracts young Muscovites by the fact that there is already a lot of years working paleontological circle.

Free museums in Moscow are pretty impressive list - more than 3 dozen.In addition, the third Sunday of each month, most of the capital's museums are working for free.Podmoskovnie reserves also have their preferential days for visits.And now in Russia are held on a grand scale "Night of Museums", when they are all working for free.