How to put a man on the spot polite

Surely you often encounter upstarts and kritikanov who try to humiliate you and to assert themselves at your expense.Their attacks sometimes lead to confusion: how to respond and how to protect yourself?In this article you will learn what to do and how to put a man on the spot.

Facts and common sense

main weapon against anyone who tries to hurt you unfairly, it is common sense and facts.Always true when your opponent goes against them.Pay attention to this, you will not be taken too seriously his insinuations.You can even make fun of the fact that he bears!How to put a man on in such a situation?Just give it to myself, "bury".


favorite method of quarrelsome people - a provocation: it allows them to present your quarrel as if ham - it is you.Do not give in and do not explode: this of you and wait.On the contrary, the lack of response is most frustrating provocateur.How to put a man on the spot?Allow him to criticize his own pleasure, but meekly.

Politeness Politeness - a quality that is necessary in daily life in general, and in the conflicts - especially.Rather than get bogged down and build a reputation as a troublemaker, you can knock down a peg deadly enemy of his icy politeness.


Refer to the brawler down, disparagingly, and against this background, let us know what something sensible on the subject of the dispute, so that everyone could feel the contrast.


Many believe that pity humiliates man.Publicly and feel pity kicker, because now man's place in life - a place of the creator, not a destroyer.And your opponent is poor, not very much and is able to create something on their own and assert itself in the present.

Search constructive solutions

How to put a man on the spot, if he clings to something specific?Ask what it can offer in return.Structural work - absolutely not his element, such a wish or just put it in a dead end or cause to pour another bucket of mud, but on itself.

protection of foreign interests

If you are involved in the conflict, not only you and your opponent, but someone else, you can stand up for the interests of others, and will work in your favor human relations.You seem to take the kick and the opponent is attacking not only you, but also the others.So, you set up the audience against him and will attract to his side, and he would be at a great disadvantage.


Do not take your opponent and hit him seriously, treat them as a game.If you have a good sense of humor, you can "cut" upstart witty remark, which he would have nothing to answer, put it up to ridicule.After that, he hardly dares to contact you again.


One of the most versatile boards - completely ignore the kicker and all its baseless accusations continue to go about their business as if it was not there at all.It can blow up all you want, until you get bored!