Who is extroverted: view from the side of socionics

Socionics - a branch of psychology, according to which all people can be divided into sixteen types.Each type has its own unique combination of qualities:

  • logics or ethics;
  • intuit or sensorik;
  • RATIONAL or irrationals;
  • an extrovert or an introvert.

Who is extroverted, once again no need to explain.These people are always glad to new acquaintances, can not live without communication, human society it is as necessary as air.But let's step back for a few minutes from the generally accepted definitions and try to find out who is extrovert in terms of socionics and how this trait manifests itself in different personality types.

total there are 8 types of extroverts, "Jack London", "Stirlitz", "Hugo", "Hamlet", "Zhukov", "Napoleon", "Huxley" and "Don Quixote."

Jack London (logical-intuitive extrovert)

Representatives of this type can rarely sit still, they are constantly hungry for new experiences - not only in terms of communication, but also in terms of work.Any business in the hands of Jack

literally "boiling."Jack often fearless.In combination with the inherent romanticism it provides him with a penchant for climbing, hiking and extreme rest.Jack was not a particularly good judge of character, often cautious, for fear of appearing ridiculous.

Stirlitz (logical-sensory)

Shtirlits acts quickly, his actions always have a rationale.Initiatives often quite pushy.Oh good he prefers not to speak, more than focusing on the negative.As a rule, said Stirlitz ability to obey the rules of dignity.It has "reserved power" inherent in the military.

Hugo (ethical-sensory extravert)

As a rule, the representatives of this type tend to experience vivid emotions, the idea can capture them once and for all life.They just tireless, these "Duracell bunnies" who are constantly rushing from side to side.They love to receive visitors.Hugo - attentive listeners and pleasant companion, always support.A bit conservative, like order.

Hamlet (ethical-intuitive)

Hamlet focused on global issues ("To be or not to be?"), Tends to see the world in dramatic colors.By nature - romantic, often doubted and ten times weighing the "pros" and "cons" before making any decision.Hamlet attentive to people (sometimes maybe even intrusive), always ready to lend a helping hand.

Zhukov (sensory-logical extravert)

Who is the extrovert in the guise of Zhukov?This is a man with a resolute character, sometimes hard.Good tactics.Do not surrender before the difficulties encountered, focuses on the end result.Zhukov did not like to talk about feelings and negative emotions in general tends to suppress as quickly as possible.

Napoleon (sensory-ethical)

truly proud of his talent to influence the people to win their respect and love.Always active, eager to practice - theory is not boring for him.Most disappointed in people.By criticism is easy, but hates him start to demand something - Napoleon can be sent, but not suppressed.

Huxley (intuitive-ethical)

Huxley dependent on their mood, love to improvise (and they succeed!).They tend to get emotional power over all, but at the same time to remain independent.Not inclined to ambition, but it is very susceptible to an assessment of their mental abilities, strive in every way to show their intellectual potential.In dealing mostly friendly and welcoming.

Don Quixote (intuitive-logical)

last personality type, which will be discussed under the theme of "Who is an extrovert," - Don Quixote.It is always good to see the prospects and opportunities, but often unhappy already reached.Constantly in need of emotional "recharge" from the outside.A good leader, able to direct others in the right direction.