Automation for greenhouses.

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In modern greenhouses used drip irrigation.Greenhouse plants do not require irrigation because they practically do not attract dust and are not subjected to contamination, as opposed to planting in open space.

Automatic watering in the greenhouse is carried out an extensive system of pipes and irrigated devices.Along with the water it delivers all the essential nutrients and fertilizers directly to the roots of plants.The greenhouse is practically no evaporation, which is an important factor for the cultivation.

Irrigation composition, its dosage, watering schedule controlled by the system.It allows you to adjust these parameters as needed without daily monitoring process.As mentioned, watering - automatic, it is processing smoothly and consistently, regardless of the weather conditions outside.Presence sensors in more advanced systems, allows to change its mode and intensity depending on the temperature.Automation for greenhouses with a large area implies a more complex mechanisms.There watering by a special trolley moving along the guide rails, and the dose and schedule of their movements are controlled by a computer program.

Automation for greenhouses has several advantages, affecting the overall performance.Firstly, it is reducing the burden on the workers, and, secondly, to reduce water consumption and fertilizer to sixty percent as irrigation composition is applied directly to the roots, except "blank" enrichment ground around the plant.In addition, automatic watering prevents the formation of crusts that would impede the flow of oxygen.The water does not fall on the leaves and fruits, which eliminates the contamination of fungal diseases.

This approach to watering (as root) prevents weeds, all the necessary nutrients to plants arrive.This is an important factor affecting the yield and flow rate of water and fertilizer.

Besides watering the roots, there is automatic for greenhouses, implying drain option.The water is fed through a special pipeline, located along the entire length of the greenhouse.This type has a number of advantages: a large area of ​​irrigation system unpretentious - allows the use of low quality water.

Besides watering, in greenhouses, and automate the ventilation system, which also affects the productivity and growth process.It does not imply the existence of complex mechanisms and devices.The system includes a conventional ventilator, equipped with a thermally actuated which opens and closes it after cooling of the working element in it.Such details, it is desirable to place the windows in the upper part of the room, as the warm air accumulates there.For better circulation fans are used in the greenhouse, reducing the time of airing.

Automation for greenhouses helps to increase productivity and reduce the cost of consumables - fertilizer and water.The system is constantly being upgraded, whereby this type of activity is becoming more attractive to employees.