How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment forever

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cleanliness in the house - that person is the hostess.Every woman is making a lot of effort in to her home was fresh and comfortable.Particular attention should be paid to safety in the home.To this end, care must be taken to prevent or destroy insects and microorganisms that are dangerous to health.One of the common problems on the way to a clean mold.How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment?Many would like to know the answer to this question.More information will be more urgent to get rid of mildew on the walls in the apartment forever.For this is reliable and proven methods, but let everything in order.

What is mold

school biology course taught us that mold - a special form of fungal mycelia with branching without fruiting bodies.In common parlance we call plaque mold appearing on foods when they go bad.The fungus can be formed directly on the walls in rooms with high humidity: the basement, closet, bathroom.The street is easy to see mold on rotten stumps, tree trunks and simply on the ground.Even in the air present its arguments, although we do not see them.

Scientists call itself mold resistant and hardy life form on the planet.It can be of different types, shapes and colors.Useful properties of the mold used in medicine, food industry, wine industry, but at the same time does not stop fighting with dangerous consequences of its activity.The question of what is more - benefit or harm from the mold, still remains unanswered.

The danger of mold in a building

ancient book states that if your house is struck by mildew, it is necessary to burn it with all its contents, and to get away from this place.It becomes interesting, what is it so terrible?

  • Mold spoils the aesthetic appearance of the room (very few people like black plaque, fretting new wallpaper).
  • irreversibly destroys the surface on which settles (books, wood paneling).
  • mold is toxic and may be the causative agent of many diseases (inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, diarrhea, sinusitis), can manifest symptomatically in nausea, vomiting and headaches.
  • is dangerous for people with allergies, seasonal allergies cause exacerbation or she can be an allergen.

After reading this information, many immediately raises the question of how to remove mold on the walls in the apartment.

Causes of mold

Before you begin to combat this dangerous and hardy fungus, it is necessary to know the reasons for which it may appear:

  • Building and finishing materials, are used in the construction and repair of buildings.Now it is very often used drywall, which, under certain conditions, can become an environment conducive to the development of mold.
  • The second reason can be called wrong air circulation. The old buildings are not always a necessary system of ventilation, and today this issue is often neglected.As a consequence - the stagnation of air with all the unpleasant consequences.
  • Another reason for the appearance of black mold - it humidity. may be caused by frequent use of a humidifier, a large number of indoor plants, a regular drying clothes indoors.

If the appearance of mold in your home was caused by one of the above factors, it is first necessary to eliminate it, and then think about how to remove mold on the walls in the apartment.Otherwise, after successfully getting rid of the fungus, you risk in the near future to meet again with this problem.

Prevention of mold during repair

Now in specialized stores of construction, along with finishing materials, can be purchased and special anti-microbial agents.With their help it is possible to protect yourself from mold, even during the repair.You ask how?

  • Remove mold on the walls in the apartment, when she appeared before the repair.You can do a hard brush or scraper.If the mold has eaten deep into the layer of plaster, it must also be removed.
  • Thoroughly dry the surface.
  • Apply antiseptic primer according to instructions.
  • Continue finishing walls (putty, painting, wallpapering).

Methods of dealing with mold in a residential area

If the problem with mold have appeared, and to relocate until you do not plan to, and do not intend to repair remains one option - to fight.In the West, made in such cases to call experts who with the help of chemicals and specialized equipment solve the problem with mold.This procedure requires costly and time-consuming.Tenants in this period leave for a week sunbathing on the beach or stay with relatives.

Our people are used to understand such issues on their own, without outside help.Most housewives, faced once with a similar problem, will remember how to remove mold on the walls in the apartment of folk remedies.

Indeed, the methods of combating a fungus very much.Not all of them are equally effective, but many can help in this task.

How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment furatsilinom

Many call furatsilin magic bullet, helps fight mold.Partly because it is.In order to get a positive result from furatsilina, you need to use it properly.

usual solution sold in pharmacies, will be effective for medical purposes, but to mold it can not cope.So you need to buy an additional furatsilina pills and dissolve them either in solution to increase the concentration, or in water.To obtain an effective remedy in a glass of water take 10 tablets crushed.Next, using a sponge pre-washed with purified fungal plaque from the surface, and after drying, sprayed with the same solution again (you can use a spray bottle).

By all accounts, this method will help to forget about the mold for 1-2 years.Also recommend periodic maintenance cleaning: 5 liters of water dissolve 1 tablet furatsilina, used to wash window sills, floors and other surfaces.

Other popular methods of dealing with mold

Bluestone - a popular tool in the fight with the fungus.Getting rid of mildew on the walls of the apartment with his help?It should take 100 grams of copper sulfate in dry form and dissolved in 10 L of water.Rinse the affected areas with fungus.The disadvantage of this method is that the tool can give surfaces a bluish tint.

"White" - a means of widespread, accessible and everyday life is every good housewife.Chlorine, which is present in the composition is capable of removing that appears on the surface of the mold, and for some time to stop the formation of new outbreaks of the fungus.How to remove mold on the walls in the apartment of "whiteness"?Here, even the recipes do not need any.Simply put it in its pure form the old sponge and cover the area to be cleaned.After a while the "White" starts to eat away at the fungus, five minutes later, he brightens.Then again with a sponge to wipe the surface.

When working with "whiteness" is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the room and protect the skin from contact with the substance.

In some cases, the initial stages of the emergence of the fungus and small scale distribution, you can use a solution of soap and tea tree oil.

Special antiseptics to combat mold

When traditional methods do not give the desired result, so as not to aggravate the situation, it is better to go without delay to more aggressive measures to combat the fungus.Forget about the black mold on the walls to help special formulations.

  • Anlas mykos - the professional anti-fungal agent, can be used both indoors and outdoors.Easily cleans even the old, infected fungal plaque surface.
  • Profilux - antiseptic, designed specifically for wooden surfaces.It can be used both for the prevention of fungus, and to deal with it.Wooden structures after treatment with this agent may slightly change the color.
  • ANTISEPT - used during repair and construction works for priming.It penetrates into the surface and besides the antiseptic function improves the adhesion of construction materials.
  • Schimmel Vernichter - used as a disinfectant and household cleaner.Well absorbed and effectively combats mold on a variety of surfaces.

final touch: how to get rid of the smell of mold

Now we know a lot of effective ways to remove mold on the walls in the apartment.One of them is sure to be useful and will help you deal with the problem of the fungus.But can it happen that after a successful fight will backfire.Some surfaces so well "remember" the presence of mold, even after the removal of unpleasant black flying for a long time exude an unpleasant smell of rot.

To eliminate it, the walls that used to be covered with mold, it is necessary to put soda.A couple of hours - remove it with a vacuum cleaner.It may be useful in this case, and carbon filters for cleaning the air, effectively fighting not only the smell of mold and other undesirable flavors in the apartment.

best fight - is prevention

Everyone would agree that to keep clean and dry, to carry out periodic maintenance cleaning of surfaces is much easier than to remove the mold on the walls in the apartment.

What can we do to prevent mold?The primary task is regular airing.In the winter time can be reduced, but not to abandon this procedure completely.Wet cleaning of the apartment, do not allow water to accumulate in the joints or cracks tile flooring.Try not to clutter up the walls of furniture and carpets that prevent access to them fresh air.

And most importantly - start the fight with mold should be immediately at the first signs of its appearance, but not when it feels full resident of your apartment.