The Law on beer.

In just 30 years, one of the "abstainers" nations conquered the podium countries with the largest amount of alcohol consumed per capita.About how it happened, you can talk for a long time.Without going into the controversy, it is enough to remember that we are the only country that has to deal with children (!) Alcoholism, as well, that in our country is steadily growing crime.Namely, a crime committed in an intoxicated state, gradually turning into a real catastrophe.So, the State Duma begins to deal with the current state of affairs and approve laws limiting distribution of alcoholic beverages.The turn to beer - was approved by the Law on beer.

now legally equating beer to alcoholic beverages.According to Eugene Brune (chief psychiatrist Health Ministry of the Russian Federation) and Gennady Onishchenko (head of Rospotrebnadzor) the bill should introduce much earlier.It is because of lost time for most people is no longer regarded as beer and alcohol in large quantities are consumed, not only adults but also teenagers.Drink beer with the 15-year-old was considered normal.Yes, and nothing surprising.This drink is allowed any advertising space, talking about him everywhere.The new law on beer corrects the position of complete rejection of any alcohol-related advertising.

Alcohol load lowered age limit consumer beer and this is reflected in the health of the entire nation.Teens without a shadow of hesitation consume a moderate dose of beer.But for the law on beer we fought for more than 10 years.Now it has been approved, but has a number of shortcomings and small, but loopholes.And our people are very clever and creativity, we should not forget that.All that remains - is to monitor the implementation of the law.It is no secret that the share of earnings on alcohol for many small shops and stalls almost basic.Not every one of them that's so easy to take and even give up a big profit.But this is more a problem of our mentality.

Details of the bill are as follows:

  • drinks, the content of which includes more than 0.5% alcohol, equal to the habits
  • Act prohibits the consumption of beer is the drink in public places from January 2012 (yes, it is withJanuary!)
  • On January 1, 2013 sale of beer in the pavilions and kiosks is strictly prohibited, and in the night (from 23.00 to 08.00), to sell beer can only bars and restaurants
  • ban on advertising of any alcoholic beverages

Well itor not, discuss wherever possible.For many accustomed to consume this drink in the hottest season of the year.Now you can buy, and that's where to drink it - your problem.Act provides for a fine beer to three hundred rubles, even for a drink of an alcoholic beverage in the wrong place.Interestingly, it takes on a momentum whether Article 20.20 of the Administrative Code (the same law about beer) proper action?By and large, everything depends on us.Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places is always a chain reaction, and it would be really nice to get rid of it.For good reason joking that "states" of 23 are only allowed to drink, and we have in this age of "tied".

First of all, the law about the beer, but rather its partial ban, should make everyone think.It is unlikely that you will wonder why drink a bottle of vodka in the park is not normal, but the beer - always please.No need to go into details, but the one and the other - alcoholic beverages.Maybe in a few years the fashion drink anywhere disappear and be forgotten.Movement albeit small, but there is, and not everyone dares today to drink on the street one bottle for the price of four, which means that there has been little progress.There is something to ponder.And remember, the law on beer is valid from January 2012.