How to tune your guitar?

Guitar - musical instrument to learn to play on which is difficult and easy at the same time.Once watched someone playing the guitar, it seems that it is easier to do, but when trying to teach myself, things are very different.The fact is that one of the first lessons the student must learn how to tune the guitar, and already here the first difficulties appear.

Guitar need to set up very often, almost after every game.No matter how well the tool has not been set, it is upset with the time, which makes the sound of poor quality and wrong.If suddenly you have seriously decided to learn to play guitar, purchased the instrument, but have no idea how to tune your guitar, please read the recommendations outlined below.

Before you go to practice, it is important to master the theory.Build a standard six-string guitar as follows:

I string - E - E;

II string - B - B;

III string - G - G;

IV string - D - D;

V string - A - A;

VI string - E - E.

Try to play the sound of the open first string, and then - in the second, pressed the fifth fret.If the sounds are the same, you are on the right track, as in the case of the correct settings, they should sound in unison.If the sounds do not match, you must using the rotation desired chopping on the headstock to adjust the tension of the strings sounding wrong.

There is a special device to tune the guitar, which is called a tuning fork.You can buy it in almost all the musical goods stores.Camerton tune enable faster and better.By the way, in the same store you will be told how to use it, and the device will be attached diagram, how to tune a guitar.Perhaps at first you do not succeed, but remember that in this case, as in any other, important experience.

mood acoustic guitar in general must follow this scheme:

  1. IІ string, which pressed a finger at the V tune, sounds like an open string of I;
  2. string III, which pressed a finger at the IV tune sounds like an open string II;
  3. IV string which pressed a finger at the V tune sounds like a string of the III;
  4. V string, which pressed a finger at the V fret sounds like opening of the IV chord;
  5. VI string, which pressed a finger at the V tune, sounds like an open V string.

mood 6-string guitar can be carried out using a special guitar tuner.So is a device for adjusting the tool, which is very popular among beginners.Tuner makes it easier to tune your guitar.With it you do not have too much to listen to the sounds and to spend precious time on the rotation of the Colca, as a guitar tuner will display what and where you want to adjust, to result in high-quality sound.Note that there are now electronic tuners in the form of computer software to adjust the instrument.

Whichever way setting guitar you choose, do not forget that you need to be patient and treat the instrument gently.Over time, you will definitely achieve perfection in this matter, and the question of "how to tune your guitar" will remain in the past.