How to cook soup with chicken broth?

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Chicken broiler, in split carcass or parts of the chicken are brought home.It is necessary to wash them, add water and put to boil.But what next?Many housewives wonder: "And what to cook soup with chicken broth?" Dietary meat of this bird is suitable for the preparation of any of the first dishes - soup, soup, pickle, kharcho ... Yes, and the broth in a solo is very useful for the organism.In the Middle Ages it was even prescribed as a medicine to patients, reducing power tools.And no wonder: in chicken broth a lot of protein - just what you need to weakening of the body.And it contains B vitamins, which affect the productive processes of exchange.But drink a broth without any additives - too bland.But it is an excellent basis, and without it can not do the preparation of soups, recipes which involve the use of chicken as the main ingredient.

Recipe of Love Tolkalina

Pour into a saucepan two liters of water, bring to a boil.Drop a hundred grams of chopped into pieces of chicken.When the liquid starts to boil again, you need to remove the foam, then, of course, salt, and not very high heat to boil for ten minutes.Add two sliced ​​potatoes into cubes.Cook for another seven minutes.After that, add the finely chopped onion.Crude - is important.After two or three minutes attach grated carrots.Two or three tomatoes cut into cubes.Add them to the pan.When the soup broth to boil again, we throw a parsed on Kocheshkov cauliflower (200 g).As soon as the vegetables are soft, add finely chopped garlic (two teeth) and a half teaspoon of grated horseradish and prepared mustard.Add salt, throw your favorite seasonings.Before serving, give the authentic quarter of an hour, covered.Serve sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs.

recipe with sorrel

If the court of the spring, it is not necessary to wrestle with how to cook soup with chicken broth.Buy (or frustrate yourself) a big bunch of sorrel - and tasty, and most importantly, useful, dish on your desk.While cooked chicken broth (you will need about 600-800 grams), let us vegetables.Less often two potatoes into cubes.One large carrot sodium and onion finely nashinkuem.Made of these two ingredients roasting.When the chicken is cooked, strain the broth through a cheesecloth.We separate the meat from the bones.In a pan put 100 grams of rice and potatoes.We put on the fire.When the soup comes to a boil, throw frying.Cook until cooked rice and then season with salt, add the bay leaf, black pepper and other spices.It's time sorrel.Its biggest cut and add along with the chicken.We insist under a cover for ten minutes and serve with sour cream.You can break into a hot soup (right in the plate) a raw egg.

English recipe

first 300 grams of chicken breast boil one liter of broth.It often begins in soups.Recipes recommended strain the broth, separate the meat from the bones.So we will do this time.Stem Leek (about 25 centimeters in length) shall cut thin rings.Chicken broth we shall cut along the grain pieces.Long grain rice (80 g), wash out.In a frying pan dismiss three tablespoons of butter and fry the meat on it with the leek.In the boiling broth add the rice and the associated thread four sprigs of parsley.Cook on very low heat for about a quarter of an hour, and then lay the meat with fried leeks.Season with salt and spices dish.After another five minutes of boil over low heat for pulling a string of parsley and add the grated processed cheese shavings large.As soon as he dissolved, turn off the fire.

Belarusian recipe

How to cook soup with chicken broth in the summer?At the time of harvest cauliflower is best to choose the Belarusian recipe.Getting it to cook with cooking broth.To do this, 300 grams of filet pour a liter of cold water and set on fire.While the liquid is bubbling (Remember to remove the foam!), Assorted cauliflower on Kocheshkov.Two onions finely shinkuem and three carrots.Passeruem root vegetables until soft on refined sunflower oil.First lay the broth cauliflower.After repeated boiling brew for five minutes.Then we throw canned green peas - can be together with the liquid from the jar.After three minutes of boiling add the onion and carrot and roasting spoon vegetable seasonings.At the very end of cooking soup dressed with melted cheese.The finished dish sprinkle with fresh herbs.


Like many classic soup with chicken that is prepared with thin noodles.Unusual dish is what "spider" - so often called pasta for soup - we fry.This will give an interesting flavor of the soup, and noodles not seethe, as it usually happens.Half a kilo of chicken pour two liters of cold water to throw in the onion peel and one peeled parsley.Boil the broth.We filter it.Vegetables throw away and separate the meat from the bones.Return the soup on the stove.Adds the two sliced ​​potatoes into cubes.Make roasting of carrots and onions, as in the previous recipe.Also add it to the soup.In a frying pan, where vegetables are browned in the remaining fat fry until dark yellow two handfuls of "webs".Put the soup with chicken, salt, throw a bay leaf and other spices.

With noodles

Try this amazing homemade soup!Noodles with chicken broth does not increase in volume and not fall apart.400 g breast pour two liters of cold water and set on fire.After 20 minutes in the broth throw a whole onion, which we stick a clove, add a pinch of dried roots and seasoning "for a chicken."Continue to cook for another quarter of an hour on low heat with the lid ajar.Now add the shredded carrot.Ahead of time to do home-made noodles.To this knead dough from eggs, flour and a small amount of water.Roll out it in a thin layer, which is then rolled into a roll.Cut it into thin slices.This add noodles in the soup for 6-10 minutes before the end of the cooking process.The finished dish sprinkle with fresh herbs.

Pea soup with chicken broth

Legumes especially revered in the Arab world.This soup is very tasty with chickpeas - chickpeas, but you can use our own, European, last harvest.Typically bean soaked overnight.In this recipe, we Lebanese do the same: fill half cup of peas with water and leave at room temperature.Separately, cook the chicken broth.Boiled meat use for dishes and liquid filter.Peas fill six cups of broth and set on fire.Add the chopped chili pepper half and a pinch of turmeric.Pour one or two tablespoons of vinegar (it can replace lemon juice).Cook until cooked peas.If necessary, pour soup.Season with salt, seasoned with spices to taste.Lebanese pea soup with chicken broth served with a slice of lemon.

Stew with Dumplings

Often it happens that to prepare a main dish of boiled chicken need.And then we break down - which make soup with chicken broth without meat?Very simple - with dumplings.These air soft balls perfectly saturated and can replace the chicken.In the boiling broth throw two diced potatoes.Now, from the bulbs, carrots and peppers do zazharku.Add it to the soup, salt to taste it.That's all.It is time to begin to master in this dish - to the dumplings.Egg yolk rub with a pinch of salt and a spoon of vegetable oil.Gradually add flour and knead a little thick, as the noodles, dough.It can be diluted with a ladle of hot broth.Quickly stir to steamed dough is not given lumps.Add the crushed garlic clove and the chopped parsley.Mix the flour and enter.The dough should have thicker than pancakes.Chilled white, beat with a mixer and gently domeshivaem to the test.Using two moistened with cold water teaspoons recruit dough and immerse it in the boiling soup.Dumplings during cooking will increase in volume.Once all the balls rise to the surface, you can turn off the fire and call home to the table.

Garlic soup with croutons

According to this Italian recipe, it is necessary to cook the chicken broth with the addition of herbs, onions and paprika.Then we pull out the chicken and separate the meat from the bones.To prepare the soup with chicken broth, chopped need five cloves of garlic.Then they were 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.Skimmer catch this fragrant vegetable and send zazharku soup.And in the remaining oil podrumyanim eight slices of French baguette (or four pieces of white bread).Soup poured into refractory pots.Carefully enter each of the raw eggs, add the meat.Put the pots in a preheated 180 degree oven or microwave - with a power of 900 for two minutes.Serve with croutons.