Tasty dish of pig's head

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people at a pig heads on the shelves often turn away in disgust - too naturalistic.However, ignoring this byproduct, they deprive themselves of many gustatory pleasures.Dishes from a pig's head are a real delicacy.They are trained in all countries (unless the religious principles does not put a ban on pork).And eat dishes almost in the first place, even on a very rich festive table.Dishes from a pig's head are the only drawback: they are preparing for a long time.But for a true gourmet this is not an obstacle!

competent preparation

Before you cook a pig's head, it is necessary to properly gut.First of all, if you got a byproduct of bristle, shave it very cheap disposable razor.Singeing not recommend - you will not like the smell and will for a long time eroding.Then pick up a stiff brush or washcloth and rubbed the skin in all places, paying special attention to hard to reach - the snout and ears.Further cutting depends on what to prepare from a pig's head you gathered: in some recipes need it entirely in some - or only pieces of meat pieces.But the foundation remains the same: it is necessary to wash the by-product very carefully!

Estonian jelly

As mentioned recipes from a pig's head, first of all recall the well-known jelly.Of course, it turns out very nourishing and freezes beautifully and without gelatin.However, we must admit, at the output we have a very fatty dish.Estonians do offer slightly different: take in equal amounts the head, legs and veal.From head cut off his cheeks on to something else, and everything else is put on the stove drenched with cold water.After removing the foam in the pot is put two onions straight from the husk, whole carrots and parsley root celery root plus.When the meat begins to fall away from the bone itself, add pepper, peas, salt and Lavrushka.The cooled meat is broken down into small pieces, pour the strained broth and transparent after boiling is poured into containers.


Prior to cook a pig's head in this way, it is necessary to posrezat meat with the skin, tongue and cut it clean off with all unnecessary.The ears are removed;meat with some fat is laid out along the tongue, neck muscles incised, slices of meat are covered with eye sockets.The entire structure is generously rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with dried herbs.For this dish of pig's head is very good to be crushed pepper, rosemary, thyme and basil.Roll folds, over tighten twine under which embeds fresh rosemary.On a baking sheet laid out the cut pieces of fat on them - roll top - foil.The dish is placed in an oven for three hours.It needs to be watered periodically heated with oil.When ready, roll cooled at night hiding in a refrigerator.And in the morning, you can already have.

Pressed meat

For it takes a pig's head (the photo - in the article), thoroughly washed and boiled for a long time - five hours.Near the end of cooking spices and salt are thrown.You can restrict laurel and pepper, and you can pick up something to your liking.Then head disassembled;soft hryaschiki also go to the cause, as well as fat, which must be cut into smaller ones.All mixed with sliced ​​garlic, laid out in a colander (preferably lined with gauze), pour a glass or two of broth and put under pressure in the refrigerator.Even after five hours, the meat can be eaten.

pig's head with horseradish

Almost the easiest thing to cook pork head, and quite quickly and without complicated techniques cooks.Purified and washed the head is filled with water and boiled with parsley, onions, laurel, salt, pepper and carrots.Willingness comes somewhat earlier than jellied meat separates easily, but do not fall off of the bone.Make the sauce: per kilogram head fried grated horseradish root, add the tablespoon of flour, previously dried dry, topped broth (half a cup) sour cream (glass).After boiling, add a little vinegar, sugar and salt (to taste).On the table, put his head cut into portions and poured sauce.

heads with vegetables

first stage of preparation - decoction goals.To expedite the process, you can chop them coarsely.In parallel to this dish of pig's head is made of fried onion, carrot and parsley root.When the color and smell zazharki suit you, add the browned flour (big spoon), tomato puree (three), a couple of cloves of garlic and half cup of broth.After boiling, put in the gravy disassembled into small pieces the head, and the dish is stewed about the third hour.

German kabbes

In Germany, highly respected dish of pig's head.You can try to cook traditional for the country's sour kabbes.The head of a medium-sized chopped and cooked - but only up to a half-ready, and in a very small amount of water to boil for the time she almost boiled away.Sauerkraut (per 200 grams of the same amount of meat) mixed with sliced ​​apple, juniper berries and chopped onion.The resulting mass is placed in broth and stewed until tender head.At the end poured a quarter cup of white wine and pour a little cumin.To apply even need sauce: ghee pripuskayut two spoons of flour, pour a quarter cup of soup, a couple of big spoonfuls of heavy cream, grated horseradish and salt.Boil - can be poured kabbes, laid out on a dish.

Stuffed head of Ukrainian

For its preparation will have to show considerable culinary dexterity.First of all, my head is cut from the bottom, but so that the skin on the crown remained intact.After repeated washing (and better - a two-hour soak in the water several times replaceable) removed the bones, eyes sewn and stuffed head.For the filling kilogram calf liver and bacon fat stewed with onions until brown.White wheat bread soaked in milk and wrung out.Half a kilo of veal liver and ground with bread, supplemented by four egg yolks, a quarter kilo of chopped cooked corned beef and in the end - four foam proteins.Half Mix minced embedded in a shell of the head, it placed clubs five hard-boiled eggs, a dozen pickled mushrooms and five pickles (slices or circles).Top decomposed second part meat, head pulled together with string and boiled for two to three hours.On the table is placed with horseradish and mayonnaise.

Chuvash cake

If you are interested in cooking pork head, do not stop only on the traditional.In Chuvashia, we came up with a wonderful pastries from this by-product.Kneading yeast dough out of a pound of flour.In anticipation of its lifting preparing filling.For her, washed and prepared by the head cut into quarters and boil until almost cooked.With it removed all the meat with a piece of fat and is ground in a meat grinder.Minced fried until light brown, connected to zazharki onion, salt and pepper.After kneading it unfolds on a thick roll out the dough.The edges close up - should get a large oval cake.After three quarters of an hour it is lubricated rasstaivaniya beaten egg in several places nadkalyvaetsya fork and sent to the oven for half an hour.

pate pig head

All sorts of spreads very facilitate a quick snack and are a welcome addition to the dinner.Not bad as such will pate pig's head.It makes it possible in many ways.The easiest: cut into pieces of offal, pour water in the not too large volume, put whole carrots with onion and cook as if about to prepare aspic.When the meat begins to fall away from the bones, strained broth left for some soup, and the flesh, including skin, fat and soft hryaschiki, whipped in a blender with garlic and onions.Already ready to head pate flavored with salt pork and spices.As they pepper mandatory, the rest - how you like it.But the very best is the use of nutmeg.

Pate "Delicacy»

gourmets too liking the dish only meat head.They can be advised to connect it to the liver in approximately equal numbers.Chopped boiled the head and the liver, coarsely chopped, roasted (you can also cook, but it will be too watery).You can add to the liver and quartered onions - then you should not be doing zazharku separately.All components are ground or are run through a blender, prisalivaem, seasoned with pepper and other spices - and paste can be used.If you have prepared it in too much or plan to leave before winter, add the weight of half a dozen eggs, laid out on a half-liter jars and sterilize the half hour.After sealing and cooling necessary to keep them in the cold: canned - a capricious thing and may be damaged.

pate pig's head can be cooked with meat.Actions and ratios are similar products, but the meat is cooked with the head, and fried onions separately.


for her meat and fat have neat and small, in the centimeter slices cut from the bones.The blank is filled with cold water and boil for about three hours.At the right time to add salt and spices.When the stew of pig's head is ready, it is packaged in sterile banks, covered with lids and sterilized for half an hour.After sealing cans are turned upside down and cooled without wrapping.Store, like any other canned meat, it is better in the cold.And if you really like the stew of pig's head, and you intend to cook it in large quantities, buy autoclave - it makes it possible to store canned meat for a long time.