Greenhouse complexes and industrial Greenhouses Turnkey

greenhouse complex may have a size from one to several dozen hectares.It consists of blocks each of which includes several greenhouses.Greenhouse complex can be either solid or made up of compartments with certain technological systems.

First, greenhouse complex created with the aim of industrial production of agricultural products.The complex is served by professional agronomic, technical and administrative services.The main requirements for industrial greenhouses include: high productivity and product quality, its low cost, ensure compliance with the required range and construction of a complex with certain standards.A modern greenhouse complex - a commercial enterprise with its infrastructure and equipped with special rooms for packaging, sorting and storage products.In addition, the territory of the greenhouse complex and there are a variety of administrative and utility-domestic buildings.Construction and design work for the construction of greenhouses carried out in stages.This allows you to calculate area and make the course of the construction of the necessary adjustments, which saves a lot of money.

industrial greenhouses turnkey, their construction consists of the following stages: preparation of documentation, study of specifications, drafting, customs clearance and delivery of greenhouse equipment and its various structures, design and installation work. industrial greenhouses turnkey , during their construction and commissioning are carried out by training staff.Industrial greenhouses allow to obtain a high yield year-round wide variety of crops: vegetables, flowers, fruits, which grow in greenhouses is much faster than on open ground.To build turnkey industrial greenhouses is difficult - this process is time consuming and involves the use of special equipment.Modern systems require specific equipment for watering, heating and ventilation.Based on the specifications of the customer, the project compiled a greenhouse, in which she completed.This takes into account factors such as the layout of the technological equipment and the parameters of the coolant planning resheniya.Kachestvenno produced industrial greenhouses turnkey provide a year-round high productivity and meet all necessary requirements and standards.Why

recently increased interest in greenhouses?Why every year they erected more and more?The answer as always is simple: according to the social survey of the millennium for fresh fruit and vegetables people of Russia are going to allocate more money from the family budget than 10 years ago.This trend appeared due to higher food culture and food intake, a healthy lifestyle.

the World Health Organization and the Institute of Nutrition recently published the following data: for normal healthy human life is necessary in a year of about 87.6 kg.vegetables, and fresh vegetables in the off-season period - 13kg.

But in practice - a different picture.By the beginning of 2012 in greenhouse complexes grows vegetables and greenery of approximately 4.2 kg.per inhabitant, which accounts for 29% of the medical norm.To recover the missing quantity of the products we use imported vegetables, which are often inferior to the quality of our products.

To fill this gap in our country to build advanced, in line with the latest technology, greenhouse complexes or industrial greenhouses turnkey.

basic course in Russian, which is of strategic importance for the economy, import substitution (vegetables, herbs and flowers) from the Russian market and the development of local greenhouses.