Rolls stuffed with cheese: options for toppings and cooking techniques

rolls stuffed with cheese - a great snack for any celebration.This dish pleases not only the stomach, but his eyes, because looks very attractive.Today we will look at various options for preparing such snacks.So let us not hesitate and begin our story ...

cheese roll with salmon

To prepare you need:

  • parsley, dill - thirty grams;
  • hard cheese - two hundred grams;
  • salted trout (or the salmon) - three hundred grams.


  1. grate cheese.
  2. Then wash the parsley and dill, dry and chop melenko.
  3. Mix cheese with herbs, put in some capacity (eg, in a pan), then put in a water bath.
  4. heat and cook until the cheese melts.If you can not cook in a water bath, then put the cheese with greens in a bag and drop in boiling water.Hold the minute there are three.
  5. then lay out the curd between two layers of film.Next, using a rolling pin, roll into a thin layer.
  6. Take fish, thinly slice it.
  7. Remove foil and place on a cheese pastry fish.After that, take all roll.
  8. Then put the product under a light press, cool in the refrigerator and cut into portions.
  9. Before serving cheese roll with salmon garnish with fresh herbs.

That's all, the dish is ready.

tasty product with curd

Now tell how to make a cheese roll stuffed with cottage cheese.To prepare the dough you need:

  • five hundred grams of hard cheese;
  • one teaspoon of vegetable oil.

For the filling need:

  • four grams of cottage cheese;
  • two hundred grams of chicken (boiled);
  • three cloves of garlic;
  • dill, parsley and onion;
  • hundred grams of fat sour cream;
  • one boiled egg;
  • one small bell pepper (or more than half);
  • black pepper or red ground;
  • salt.

These rolls stuffed with cheese help out in difficult times, when visitors must descend.Or it happens that in the morning too lazy to cook a full breakfast.It is this kind of roll comes in many hostesses.Prepare it will not be difficult, and time will be no more than twenty minutes.But people close to surprised so interesting and healthy dishes.


  1. Clear the garlic and finely chop together with cooked greens.
  2. then to cook chicken and cut into pieces.
  3. Chicken, garlic, cheese and herbs mince.Then add salt and pepper.Add sour cream and mix everything well.
  4. cheese is smeared with oil.Then closed plastic bag and lowered into boiling water for ten minutes, or goes in the microwave for seven minutes (cook on medium power).
  5. Once the cheese is soft, remove it from the plastic bag and rolled into the layer thickness of two centimeters.
  6. laid on him cooked stuffing, it is added finely chopped bell pepper.
  7. after cheese layer rolled up with filling, forming a roll.Assistant This is a plastic bag.It is initially rolled out the cheese.
  8. already cooked roll sprinkled with grated grated boiled egg and goes for two hours in a cool place.
  9. Then cut into pieces a la carte and served to the table.

This roll - it's a great snack and addition to any everyday and holiday table.

Here we examined what constitutes some rolls stuffed with cheese.As you can see, these products are prepared quickly.Recipes for their preparation is even possible to come up with their own.

with cheese and chicken

How to cook a delicious loaf of cheese?Just.You only need to listen to our advice.For the preparation required:

  • cheese - three hundred grams;
  • chicken - one hundred grams;
  • cheese - two hundred grams;
  • greens;
  • cream - gram 75.

Making roll

  1. First, prepare the stuffing.It is necessary to boil the fillet, cut it into pieces.
  2. Then mix cottage cheese, meat, greens and cream.You can do this with a blender.
  3. Cheese (not durum!) Is passed in the package for baking and lowered into boiling water for three minutes.During this time he should be soft.Cheese pulled from the water and rolled out with a rolling pin into a small cake.
  4. Then you need to remove the package.Then put on the cheese cake filling, roll.And leave it for about thirty minutes and.
  5. As time passes, the roll can be cut into pieces and serve on lettuce dish.

with salmon and dill and tomato

To prepare cheese roll with salmon need:

  • fifty grams of fresh parsley;
  • hundred and fifty grams of hard cheese;
  • hundred and fifty grams of salmon;
  • tomato;
  • fresh dill (50 grams).

This dish is helpful, because it includes salmon there.It has a pleasant taste.It contains useful amino acids, B vitamins and minerals.Let's quickly learn how to cook the cheese roll with salmon.

cooking process

  1. processed cheese on a fine grater.
  2. greens washed and cut.
  3. Tomato washed, cut into small pieces.
  4. Then you mix the cheese with tomato, dill and parsley.All contents put in the cooking bag and put in a water bath.
  5. gradually heated, it will take a soft state.Small movements necessary to stir the cheese stuffing.
  6. Then roll out a thin layer of cheese and a little cool.Release from the pack and put it on thinly sliced ​​salmon.
  7. Close to roll and put an hour in a cool place.

With chicken

Cheese rolls, you realize you can do with different fillings.We offer you another option.How to cook the cheese roll with chicken?Simply, if, of course, have all the necessary ingredients.For cooking you need:

  • cheese - four programs;
  • processed cheese - no more than two pieces;
  • two eggs;
  • minced chicken - a pound;
  • pepper;
  • spices and herbs;
  • garlic - four cloves.

Preparation roll with chicken

  1. first mistaken for stuffing.It is salted, sprinkle with pepper.Then add the spices and peppers.
  2. All components are mixed and spread on a thin sheet of cheese, which had previously been rubbed on a grater, mixed with boiled eggs and sent to the oven (for softening and forming cakes).
  3. Stuffing splits evenly, without borozdochek Education and valleys.After minimized to roll and goes baked in the oven for thirty minutes.
  4. then roll cheese with chicken is cooled at least an hour.Then it can be equipped.


offer you another prescription.You will learn how to cook the cheese roll with mushrooms.Such a product is obtained especially sweet and pleasant taste.

To prepare a snack, you must have:

  • hundred grams of hard cheese;
  • seventy grams of butter;
  • a cucumber;
  • one small bell pepper;
  • hundred grams of ham;
  • two hundred grams of fresh mushrooms;
  • clove of garlic;
  • eight pitted prunes;
  • few spoonfuls of mayonnaise;
  • a variety of fresh herbs;
  • vegetable oil;
  • pepper.

Cooking roulade with mushrooms

  1. Greens finely chopped, add the mayonnaise in it.The oil is mixed with a soft consistency under pressure crushed garlic.These products are mixed and solyatsya adding pepper to your liking.
  2. Take prunes.If not, you can replace prunes, olives If a solid, it can pour a little boiling water.Then it will become soft.Finely chopped.
  3. sweet pepper, cucumber and ham cut into strips, add the prunes and everything is thoroughly mixed.
  4. cheese is rubbed on a coarse grater, laid in a plastic bag and lowered into a pot of boiling water (for 5 minutes).After
  5. gets out of the pan in a plastic bag and rolled out to a small cake.Is cooled for a few minutes, it is placed on the prepared filling.
  6. wrapped in a layer of the roll, and after it has cooled, it can be there.

with canned fish

This recipe will appeal to those who like to fish.It makes this product as easy as the rest of these.To cook the cheese roll with fish need:

  • hundred and fifty grams of cheese;
  • Bank of canned fish;
  • mayonnaise (to taste);
  • dill - thirty grams;
  • pita.

Cooking roll

  1. Cheese Grate.
  2. pounded fish with a fork.
  3. cheese and fish are mixed.They are joined with dill mayonnaise.Then everything is mixed.
  4. Laid filling on the flat pita beautiful bed and rolled into a roll.That's all, the product is ready.

with ground beef

We reviewed how to prepare a roll of hard cheese with fish, chicken, mushrooms.Now let's look at recipe with ground beef.

You will need:

  • cheese - three hundred grams;
  • five eggs;
  • mayonnaise - 150 ml;
  • semolina - three of Art.spoon;
  • ground beef - five hundred grams;
  • spices;
  • greens.

Cooking roll with minced meat

  1. cheese rub on a grater.
  2. It is added to boiled eggs, mayonnaise, semolina and kneaded.
  3. on a prepared baking the dough evenly placed.Bake it needs five minutes at 200 degrees.
  4. stuffing made from minced meat with the addition of two eggs, grits, finely chopped herbs and spices.All products are mixed and laid out on the cheese cake is still hot from previous.The product is then twisted and smeared egg.Newly baked in the oven for five - seven minutes.

Delicious roll

Now we will look at how to prepare a roll of bacon and cheese.For cooking need:

  • pickled peppers;
  • pickled capers;
  • one egg yolk;
  • unleavened flaky pastry (three hundred grams);
  • cheese (two hundred grams) and as much bacon.

cooking process

  1. In this dish it all starts with the preparation of the filling.Capers and peppers cut into pieces, mixed with grated cheese, chopped bacon.
  2. thin dough is rolled out and laid him on the filling.
  3. is then rolled into a roll.Then the product is lubricated yolk and goes in the oven for twenty minutes.

Conclusion Now that you know how to cook rolls stuffed with cheese.As you can see, they can do differently.We hope that some kind of recipe you will attract.