Potassium silicate and liquid glass - which have in common?

Liquid glass, office glue - materials are well known to us, as in life, they have a fairly wide application.But perhaps our information about them is very limited, and in the meantime learn about soluble silicates of potassium, which serves as the basis for their production, is not only interesting, but also useful.And here's why.

Few people have heard that the potassium silicate are related to a term such as "dangerous preservatives."Indeed, where people who are not related to chemical production, to know that they are a food additive E560, which prevents clumping and caking.Applied in breadmaking, the production of sugar, milk powder and other powdered food products, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the manufacture of powders and gels.To say unequivocally that potassium silicate (formula Na2O (SiO2) n) - a dangerous preservative, can not be as acceptable daily intake is not determined.In the Russian Federation, the additive is permitted, despite the fact that has not yet passed the necessary tests and tests.This should be aware of and responsive in everyday life.

Let's talk about water glass as the most material known to us on the basis of potassium silicate.Manufacturing process is quite complicated, so the production of silicate blocks - the absolute prerogative of the chemical plants.In short, the essence of the process is that the compound fine quartz sand with soda calcined in a kiln at very high temperatures, then obtained as a lump is crushed potassium silicate, and then it can be prepared from an aqueous solution.Given that the production of potassium silicate as a raw material in lumps are also used and potash, having a high cost, potassium silicate, unlike sodium, found mass application.90% for liquid sodium silicate glass is used, or a mixture thereof with a potassium silicate.

liquid formulation, the basis of which contained potassium silicate, is indifferent to acids and has high resistance to weathering.The surface treated with potassium glass, does not glare, so it is often used in the production of different kinds of colors, and a few years ago, the water glass was used for the manufacture of automotive polishes.The building is used as a potassium glass surface treatments and additives - adding it to the cement slurries putty and plaster can increase their strength and insulating characteristics.

nonflammable paint containing potassium silicate, are an excellent coating for the walls of public buildings.Surface treatment mixtures with the addition of sodium silicate gives them corrosion and waterproofing properties, resistance to high temperatures.The chemical substance is involved in the production of sodium metasilicate, the solid adsorbent is silica gel and lead silicate.In the steel industry, it is used for making molds in the foundry business - as a flotation agent.Recall that a well-known stationery glue also contains potassium silicate / sodium and used for bonding glass, wood, metal and paper.

Memo : Liquid glass, not a toxic substance, still requires careful handling.After contact with the skin or eyes should be immediately washed off with plenty of warm water.