What is different biological wastewater treatment?

Today, according to experts, there are a great many different, and most importantly, effective methods of water treatment, including biological, chemical, and mechanical.

In this article, we consider this question in more detail how biological wastewater treatment.Today it is the most popular and effective at the same time.

Biological wastewater treatment is practiced exclusively in one type of existing sewage treatment plants - the so-called self-contained sewage systems.Of course, this is an innovative method, based on the use of particular bacteria which, in turn, break down organic compounds into carbon and water.

important to note that microorganisms which are used in this method, conventionally divided into two small groups: aerobic and anaerobic.The main difference is that for the first type requires water, rich in oxygen.In the second case, the presence of O2 is not necessary.

How is biological wastewater treatment?

First, after getting the waste to a special station for a while, they asserted, resulting in a process of fermentation and clarification.

The next step has already clarified flows into the other chamber where the process of fine-bubble aeration active.

At the last stage, finishing by the presence of purification sludge, which is already saturated in oxygen.

is important to recall that the biological treatment of wastewater mainly implies an almost complete absence of extraneous odors.According to experts, this method has many positive aspects, among which include the possibility to re-use the liquid.But in this case, it is already pre-purified water can be used exclusively for business purposes, such as watering plants.

On the other hand, no less popular, and chemical treatment of wastewater.This method is usually carried out by using three methods: neutralization, oxidation and reduction.Of course, this solution is very effective, however, because of the high cost of the electrochemical oxidation is used infrequently.

In conclusion, it should be noted that today such a question as sewerage and waste water treatment is considered very important.Otherwise, if everyone would pollute nature in the near future, humanity faces the worst environmental disaster.Moreover, when using, for example, biological method each receive opportunity, as mentioned above, the re-use for commercial purposes the resulting liquid, which indicates that saving of natural resources.Already, experts are sounding the alarm and call to use a biological method, which is the most reasonable and effective solution at the same time.