Oil-free compressor as a solution to achieve a clean compressed air

In many industries, and not just used compressors.Machine-building, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, manufacturing can not do in their manufacturing processes without the use of compressed air, which produces compressors.If for some sectors of the compressed air quality it does not matter, in others, such as medicine, cooking, food, cleanliness required compressed air is of great importance.

As soon as the compressor, immediately the question arose about the purity of the air.After all, in the process of injection into the mechanism of fall and oil particles.Compressor oil in the compressed air is not allowed in these industries and sectors.With the development of technology was created a device that does not use a compressor oil - oil-free compressor.

All parts of the compressor equipment are made of special heat-resistant materials.Oil-free compressors in the process does not use oil.Instead, the coolant is water.By the principle of its work, oil-free compressor is divided into several types.There

screw oil-free compressor, piston and water-injected and spiral.

in a spiral main role is played by two screw - rotor, which rotate in the opposite direction.The compressor housing has two chambers: the suction and discharge.Oil in equipment such as a compressor can be used only for cooling the casing.There are mechanisms in which water is used instead of butter.Special program monitors the temperature of the device and constantly makes the injection of water, if the temperature rises above 120 degrees.

The scroll compressors are the main element of two spirals, one of which rotates about the other stationary pumps air.

Reciprocating devices discharge element is a piston which is made of special material suitable to withstand the temperature and enormous friction force.

Oil-free compressor series has both advantages and disadvantages.One of the main advantages of this unit - getting a good result, that is, the compressed air is clean without impurities.Such devices are ecologically more attractive than oil because waste oil recycling needs.Oil-free compressor is advantageous in operational service, as there is no need to purchase filters of various purification cartridge, compressor oil.

Among the shortcomings You can note the high price of the product, as well as lower service life of the unit, which works without oil.After all, without lubrication parts used in extreme mode, there is a definite shortage of spare parts.

Who compressor equipment on the market are a lot of different models of compressors of various companies, which can be used both in production and daily life.