How to destroy the bugs in the apartment?

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For many the question arises: "How the bugs in the house?"In particular, the emergence of these bloodsuckers surprised those who spend cleaning the premises regularly and watching carefully enough hygiene.I must say that for bedbugs sanitary condition of the home is not significant.These parasites invade equally active and perfectly clean and dirty areas.Next, sort out the root causes and symptoms of the appearance of these creatures.The article also find out how to carry out the extermination of bedbugs.

Causes of parasites

is difficult to say exactly where they can take the bugs in the room.You can name a few possible reasons for their occurrence.So, for example, parasites can come from neighboring apartments.They are moving through the small goals in ceilings or walls.Quite often, carriers have become pets.Parasites may cling to their fur in the street while walking.It also happens that the new pieces of furniture already contain the "tenants".Bedbugs can also bring guests work during repair.The risk of catching the parasite and on the clothing market.In fact, it does not matter, for whatever reason appear in the house of these parasites.The sad thing is that they are beginning a very active breed.After a short period of time, the population of bloodsuckers becomes quite large.In this context, the fight against bedbugs can significantly complicated.Once it became clear that the parasites have settled in the house, you must immediately take measures to eliminate them.Before you figure out how to kill bedbugs in an apartment, you should know how to identify their presence.

Signs of the presence of parasites in the house

Typically, noted that pests spread through the house, you can not at once.But while there are some proven recommendations for the detection of parasites.First of all you should know that the plants are in bed, bed linen, in chairs, sofas.In this case, to detect the presence of these creatures simply because even juveniles bite quite significantly.On the site of the bite is red trail - a small point.These areas are heavily scratched.I must say that the parasites do not like open spaces.Therefore, the colony of bedbugs are located under the baseboards, behind cupboards, closed corners of apartments and other hard to reach places.Suffice it to periodically check the hidden corners of the room.So you can immediately notice the presence of any insects.In addition, bred from a fairly large number of bugs in the apartment it is a very bad smell.He looks like a "flavor" of burnt walnut or tainted raspberries.If at least one of the above symptoms, you should immediately take action.


Even if the mass distribution of the parasite in the room was not observed, the measures to prevent their occurrence take still stands.Prevention, as we know, never hurts.In the first place, of course, must be clean.We must remember that parasites easier to hide in cluttered room.Regularly wet cleaning should be carried out.There should also be periodic disinfection.Bedbugs can be found in old things and garbage.Therefore, you should promptly release this apartment.It is also recommended to give up old furniture and carpets on the walls, which collects dust and dirt.Near the plinth may appear small handful of litter.If closer examination it was found laying eggs, a simple surface cleaning is ineffective.

Fighting bugs

seeing even one parasite, you should immediately take action.It must be remembered that the delay could lead to an increase in the number of pests.Processing of the bugs can be with special powders.Among the most popular products are considered "Riapan" and "Neopin".Disinfection is carried out bugs in places where adults.The powder is poured along the window sills, thresholds, baseboards.A small amount of poison rather quickly eliminates pests.But these drugs have a significant drawback.These powders are not recommended use in rooms where there are animals and children as a high risk of ingesting poison.This can lead to serious consequences.Safer, according to consumers, are special gels.Among the most popular drugs should be called "Het", "Fox," "foresight".These assets are not so much evident, so do not attract the attention of children and pets.Gels can be applied to almost any surface.The compositions are harmless coating and do not have a strong odor.Along with this, the gel preparations are effective.Talking about how to kill bedbugs in an apartment, it should be said about aerosols.Popular sprays such as "Raptor", "dichlorvos", "Raid".These funds, as many owners of residential premises are the most simple and safe for the residents of the house or apartment.However, I must say that aerosols are effective at low prevalence of pests.To eliminate the numerous colonies of bugs help combined means.

Alternative methods

Since destroy bedbugs by yourself can be very problematic, experts recommend to seek help from the company, in the scope of which includes the elimination of insects.Experienced staff will conduct the necessary measures with the use of modern drugs.Contacting specialized companies allows a short time to clean the house from intruders.In addition, staff will conduct a full course of action to prevent repeat of their appearance.You can consult with the experts and get recommendations.

Traditional recipes

Practice shows that these methods are effective, but to achieve the result you need a lot of time.Nevertheless, traditional recipes continue to be popular among the population.The most safe for human health is vinegar.How to destroy bedbugs in an apartment with the help of this product?Very simple.Vinegar wiped all places possible accumulation and penetration of pests: window sills, baseboards, corners of the rooms and others.As is often the parasites multiply in the cushions as well as bedding, it is recommended to treat the diluted vinegar foot and headboards.However, it should be remembered that these measures will only deter insects, but will not eliminate them completely.

particular temperature regime

more efficient method of solving the question "how to kill bed bugs" is considered the hot steam.Processing them all inaccessible areas in the room will not only kill the adults.Hot steam effectively kills the eggs and larvae of parasites.It is deadly to pests and cold.Since destroy bugs in the couch most difficult, it is recommended to use a variety of methods.For example, in the winter helps airing pillows, blankets and mattresses in the cold.But we must remember that in order to eliminate the parasites need a minimum of 20 hours of constant exposure to cold temperatures.

Effective recipes

time immemorial, people have used various plants to repel insects.One of those is wormwood.It is used in dried or fresh.For those looking for an effective way to destroy the home of bedbugs, there are very effective recipe.It is necessary to take boiling water (150 ml), turpentine (15 ml), kerosene (20 ml) and soap (50 g).All the ingredients are mixed.The resulting composition be processed premises, including hard to reach areas and surfaces.After that, a few hours is not recommended to be in the house, as there will be a very peculiar smell.After 2-3 hours the premises, ventilate.

best remedy for bugs

should be noted that, despite its popularity, traditional methods are not as effective as chemical drugs.In addition, there are modern facilities, friendly for the hosts room.They allow you to quickly eliminate the pests.One such drug is the "Executioner of the bugs."Next will be given a description and recommendations for use.

product characteristics

It means different speed and high efficiency.The apparent advantage of the drug is its security for all inhabitants of the dwelling, including animals and children.Many consumers believe that this is the best remedy for bugs, also because the cost of it is not so great.The price of the drug - about 70 rubles.One bottle is enough to disinfect, say, a sofa.For use in the whole house will need more volume, but the drug available in the stores of almost every city.


drug developed by German manufacturers.Before you launch it into mass production were carried out all the necessary tests on the harmlessness for the environment and human rights.The basis of the composition used a 25 percent solution of the substance fentinon.This complex organophosphorus compound, which is included in many of the most effective insecticides.At penetration by the parasite substance causes paralysis of the nervous system.As a result, the bug dies after a few minutes.As for the impact on the health of animals and humans, this compound is srednetoksichnym.


So, how to destroy bedbugs home with the help of this wonder drug?Everything is very simple.It is necessary to prepare a solution: One vial is diluted with water (0.5 L).As a means of "The Executioner" has a liquid form, the temperature of the solvent does not matter.Breeding is recommended to perform in that capacity, which will be carried out spraying.At the hardware store, you can buy a special spray.Additionally, suitable containers, and offers the manufacturer of the drug.They are quite comfortable, equipped with long and thin tip.With this device, you can spray the drug in hard to reach places - between furniture, in hidden corners or between the folds of sofas.If a strong spread of the parasite is recommended to buy 20-25 bottles means.This volume will be enough to handle all surfaces, furniture and corners.One bottle of concentrate (or 0.5 liters of solution) is sufficient for the processing of 5 m2.If you buy in bulk drug, its cost is lower.In this case it is possible to cooperate with its neighbors, which hurts the same problem.Before you start treatment you should close all the doors and windows.So it will provide a more pronounced effect.The work is best carried out in a respirator or a gauze bandage.


Let's discuss how to kill bedbugs in an apartment with the help of medication.Spraying start with those areas where the most likely cluster of parasites.In particular, the solution is sprayed on baseboards, beds, sofas, chairs, wardrobes for.It is advisable to move the furniture from the usual place and treat the floor.Do not forget the pillows, blankets, carpets (especially wall).It is also desirable to process the interior of the cabinets, clothes (it is enough to wash then once).At present things are egg parasites.Without treatment clothes can be a source of infection and spread of new pests.Additionally, you can carry out spraying on the balcony (even glazed) window sills in the socket (turn off the electricity before).During processing, the bugs start to run out of the shelters.They can not push, because after a few minutes they will perish, but the mechanical removal of just take time.After completion of the processing is necessary to leave the room, closing it for 6-8 hours.After this period, it is necessary to ventilate the room.The clothes should be washed.The smell, which leaves behind the drug will disappear after airing.As evidenced by the testimonials of people who have experienced this tool in action, repeated spraying is not required - just 1-2 procedures.At the pests do not develop resistance to the drug.