What is the smallest mammal in the world?

Most small mammals that live on our planet are likely to appear vulnerable and touching.But due to their tiny size, they have another feature, besides its endearing species.Surprisingly, such a tiny amount of their owners only work on hand.In this article, we will learn what it is the smallest mammal in the world.

small mammals

Advantages their dimensions relating to any aspect of the life of the representatives of the tiny mammals: they have the advantage that they can crawl to the ends of thin branches, at that time hunting for insects;and when the crumbs are tiny slits where easily hide from predators, preying on them.

So, what is the smallest mammal in the world?It is about those whose size is no more a big bumblebee!Consider five of the tiniest representatives of the animal world in the next article.

American shrew mole

This animal under his weight of 10 grams (as 2 coins in denominations of 5 cents) is the length of a little more than six centimeters, with his tail sticking out another 2.5 centimeters.But this is not the smallest mammal in the world.Shrew lives in the forests of the north-western United States, as well as in the south-eastern British Columbia.

Like other moles larger sizes, the animal has a fairly long proboscis, which ends flattened tip and claws, sharp as knives, he lets his little paws digging burrows in search of food.

Pygmy Possum

This is the largest among the tiny animals in the five midgets.This fun creation looks more like a well-known all chinchilla, Pygmy Possum - a representative of the family of marsupials.Consequently, he was a relative of koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian famous Tasmanian devil and wombat, funny herbivorous animal, which is more like a small bear.

size of this animal ranges from 5 to 10 centimeters with a maximum weight of 45 grams.The rest of the smallest mammal in the world, of which we speak today, have more modest proportions.This dwarf couscous much less all their other relatives.

Like their bigger brothers, animal is largely nocturnal.And also uses its tail to hang upside down, firmly clinging to them for a comfortable branch.Mostly inhabited by Pygmy Possum in Papua - New Guinea, Australia and Indonesia.In winter, he curls into a ball, covering his eyes and ears falls into complete torpor (hibernation sinks).So it regulates metabolism and temperature of his little body to escape the cold.

three-toed polutushkanchik

continuing to find out what it is the smallest mammal in the world, need to be said about the three-toed polutushkanchike.It is simply unimaginable creature affecting their touching view, moreover, his amazing energy, boundless for this little calf.Three-toed polutushkanchik recent years, it is a star of the Internet.They regularly appear different videos demonstrating these funny mammals.It weighs only 3 grams, with an average body length of 5 centimeters!This creation of tail length exceeds by many times the length of the body and reaches 25 cm.

Homeland animal are Pakistan and Afghanistan, although in China and Central Asia, 25 species can be found such a tiny animal.Interesting fact: The long-eared jerboa - one of his relatives - so loved and popular in Afghanistan in 1989, the Government of the country issued a postage stamp with the image of this rodent.

Kitti's Hog-Nosed Bat

This is truly the smallest mammal in the world!The bat weighs a maximum of 2 grams in the average size of 3 cm (ie about an inch).And we are talking about large specimens!This little one in 1974 found Kitty Thonglongya Thai zoologist, and gave her the name of a small pink proboscis, which is actually a bit like a pig snout.

This is the smallest mammal in the world lives in caves, as befits all bats.But this animal prefers to live in the most forests in the limestone hills that are located in the south-eastern Myanmar, and in some areas of the western part of Thailand.Because of the constant invasions of tourists and logging in habitats of animal was put in jeopardy the existence of the bat.Today, it is listed in the Red Book as an animal that is endangered.

dwarf white-toothed shrew

So, we found that the smallest mammal in the world - Kitti's Hog-Nosed Bat.But there are other kids who are striking for its size.Among them is a dwarf white-toothed shrew.Dimensions has a very small, while there is a huge number of names, in addition to the above: Etruscan shrew, mnogozubka-baby-baby, and white-toothed shrew.It can rightly be considered one of the tiny mammals on our planet, because this creature weighs only two grams of force!In other words, the weight of the animal is less than the ordinary American dime!

It should be noted that the adult animal has a length of no more than 5 centimeters.Add to this the tail, whose length is somewhere one-third of the total body length, and you get a portrait of white-toothed shrew-baby, the size of which, together with a tail of about six centimeters!

On our planet, wildlife unusually interesting and diverse.Each habitat - forests, oceans, air space and caves - populated by a huge number of life forms.This is no science fiction could not give a fictitious planet so rich and full of life, which is at our own Earth.