What plant repels moles its smell?

Despite the fact that we always try to keep his house in order, sometimes he still invade uninvited guests.One - mol.It is very annoying insects, which in a short time can do a lot of mischief and property damage.Scientists have isolated about 30 species of moths: fruit, cabbage, cereals, carpet, wool ...

talk about the pests that occur in the apartments.They settled not only in the chest with wool and fur things, but in the kitchen drawers with food.It is important not to drag and get rid of insects, yet they did not develop too much and they do not spoil the clothes and all the stocks of cereals in the house.This can be done only with the help of drugs, deadly force at the mole.To prevent

not necessarily take the same harmful pesticides.They can be found by children or animals to eat.It is necessary to find out what the smell of the plant repels her mole, and use it.It is not less effective, but completely safe for the health of the method.

Saving lavender

Lavender - beautiful, and thermophilic evergreen shrub with pale purple flowers.It is considered the birthplace of the Mediterranean.Less whimsical English lavender, some growers cultivate in our conditions.

Its flowers and leaves are widely used in cosmetics and perfume products.Lavender is known, and as a plant, its smell of moth repellent.Mole does not tolerate sharp flavor that has this flower.

dry grass lavender can be purchased at the pharmacy, pack it in a rag bags and put them around the house.Then hardly any winged pest wants to fly and live in your apartment.

Common tansy

Tansy, unlike the lavender in our area grows almost everywhere.Even on vacant lots and roads in the city you can see its bright yellow inflorescences, which is popularly called the "wild rowan."It is considered a medicinal plant, used to produce anthelmintic drugs.

herbalists If you ask what the plant repels moles its smell, the answer is this - tansy and herbal her.After all, she became famous as one of the best prophylactics against moths.Insects can not tolerate spicy scent of these flowers.

dry grass and tansy powder can be purchased from pharmacists or collect and prepare yourself.Expanding it to the habitats of butterflies, you will soon find that they are no more.

useful dill

A plant that repels moths and their odor is, in every garden?Of course, it is useful and curative dill.In its green contains vitamins C and B, folic acid and nicotinic, keratin, and salts of calcium, sodium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.That's why he has expectorant, diuretic effect and improves the digestive system.Besides tasty dill, and no summer salad without it can not do.

Latin name herbs Anetum graveolens means "strongly smelling".This sharp, peculiar odor is familiar to us from childhood.A dried dill useful in winter, not only for the preparation of tasty and fragrant food, but the kitchen and throw mole.

the beautiful geraniums

Our grandmother is not in vain so loved grown on windowsills geranium blooming almost year round.This houseplant moth repellent, reputed one of the best folk remedies.Its stems and leaves when touched emit an unpleasant, pungent odor that insects do not like.

To get rid of moths in closets, you need to put on the shelves of fresh geranium leaves.When they dry up and stop to smell, it is necessary to replace them with new ones.You can use oil of geranium.To do this, add 25 drops to a liter of water and this solution to wash the furniture.After this procedure mole certainly not want to live in your cabinets.

Refreshing protection from moths

Plektrantus - another houseplant, its odor repels moles.Mole hate essential oil, which is contained in its leaves.This shrub, which is native to South America, has long been popular in our country.Many of them are decorated their windows.The plant is unpretentious.Keep it can even novice growers.Plektrantus refreshing air, while making fragrant notes of lemon balm, mint, camphor and lemon.Butterflies pests avoid such odors.That is why people called the flower "mole tree."

bitter wormwood

Virtually none of the grass so often used in alternative medicine as wormwood.You can find it in the dry ravines near the river or on the sunny clearings in the forest.

stems and flowers should be collected in July and then dry them thoroughly in a shaded place.Ready grass should be expanded in sacs or link to brooms and hang.It's hard to say what the smell of the plant repels moles its better than bundles of sage.Even ants, cockroaches, fleas and flies him beware.After cleaning the floor and furniture decoction of this herb, you will get rid not only of the pesky insects, but also create an atmosphere in the apartment due to the summer meadows pleasant aroma of wormwood.

few simple rules to

mole would not start in your home, you not only know what the plant repels moles, but also to follow some simple rules.

  1. In dry and hot weather in the summer take out to dry all the warm clothes, blankets, carpets and pillows.Mole does not like the sun, as is nocturnal and gloomy life.The same should be done in cold weather.From changes in temperature all the butterflies and their larvae are killed.
  2. Get rid of all unnecessary things, do spacious closets.All clothes in them should be clean.Between things put the pieces of the economic and strawberry soap.Fur coats and woolen coats with natural collars put them in plastic bags with a snake or special paper cases treated termite drug.Remember, moths hate purity.
  3. Find out which plants their smell repels moles.Make a sachet of it and put it in a locker.
  4. Kitchen furniture periodically wash with soapy water or with essential oils of fir, lavender, clove.All cracks and grooves in the cabinets thoroughly coat with vinegar.Mole avoids all of these odors.
  5. Grocery store in airtight glass jars or containers, tightly bandaged plastic bags.
  6. Most ventilate the apartment and the furniture door open.The smell of things caked attracts the moth.
  7. Cover the ventilation of small caproic or metal mesh that insects do not fall into your home.
  8. products, which find moth larvae, spare and discard.If they spoiled a little, move, and then be sure to dry them in a hot oven or microwave.
  9. Progryzennye insects woolens check for eggs treated with special agents from moths and wash.
  10. Finding butterfly flying pest, check all food stocks and clothes in the closet.The main thing - time to take action.

What plant repels moles its odor is most effective?You can find out if try all.Do not forget that mole, accustomed to the flavor, will cease to react to it.Therefore it is necessary to periodically replace the plant.Better yet, make a collection of a few.