How to weave braid itself: the answers to questions

Any girl wants to be beautiful and well-groomed.And so it is always trying to look good and neat style your hair.Spit - is a great hairstyle for every day that hardly ever goes out of fashion.How to weave braid itself?This question is raised by many women.You can braid simple girlish pigtails or make difficult the French around the entire head, in any case, it will accentuate femininity lady and her beauty.In fact, learning to weave braids itself is not difficult, just need to know how.That is what you are today and find out.

Chances are, you already know how to weave braids itself, that is the easiest option is familiar to you.If so, learn the art of weaving other varieties of the hairstyles you will not be difficult.Let's start with fratsuzskoy braids.It is quite suitable for any outfit or image, it is the same as an ordinary braid, just as if woven into the hair.In the classic version, you can also grab a bang, but that's your choice.Here is a description of the process:

  1. always need to start with a thorough combing, or create the desired hairstyle would be difficult.
  2. Now take a section of hair from the top and divide it into three roughly equal parts.
  3. rightmost and leftmost strand you in turn crosses the center.
  4. Now add (again, one by one) to the extreme bit of hair strands.Thus braid the entire head until all the loose hair will not interwoven.
  5. Then you can doplesti French braid in the usual way, to do with the help of pins or invisible beam or just to fix a rubber band and leave braid ponytail.

So now you know a little how to weave braids itself.As you can see, it is not so difficult.Now, if you have mastered the technique of weaving the French braid, then just be able to master the method of weaving "dragon."

"Dragon" - this is the same French braid, only in reverse.To learn how to do it, it is necessary only if the extreme weaving strands do not put on the central, and under it, then just get a "dragon."

To really know exactly how to weave braids yourself, you are presented with yet another embodiment of the spit - "fish tail" or simply "spike."This version differs from the previous one, but enjoys no less popular among girls and women, and also will be able to successfully complement any romantic, girlish or business image.

technique of weaving a braid is also very simple:

  1. Comb your hair and divide into two equal strands.
  2. Now every part of the alternate you separate the small strand and "throws" it to the other side.And so to the end.
  3. Secure "fish tail" band.

To know how to weave braids itself, just need to understand the technique of weaving and elementary work out a couple of times.So far, so you will be prepared better and better manual dexterity develops over time.Eventually you will be able to quickly and easily create a beautiful, neat and feminine hairstyle.Again, add a little effort and patience, and succeed!