Lady-boss: the destruction of the myths

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Women executives in reality is much different from the stereotypical image that has emerged in public opinion: 58% of women - top managers married, 68% have children chairwoman, most women bosses are not important sex slave, and 25% of businessLady does not use the services of housekeepers, and are engaged in economic affairs.On this and many other learned experts of the analytical center of Recruitment "Contact" in the study "Women executives: career and private life."

The study involved 200 women - top managers, incumbent is not below the level of director in large or medium-sized Russian and international companies.

Women business

According to study participants, both in Russia and in the West there are traditionally female areas of activity in which the percentage of women managers is much higher than in other industries.28% of respondents believe that most of the bosses of the fair sex falls on the sphere of tourism, hospitality and catering.26% of study participants believe that the most "feminine" sphere - a pharmacy, medicine and health.25% considered the most attractive women sport and fashion and beauty industry, and 17% of respondents - marketing, advertising and PR.

In other sectors, according to the study participants, women bosses is much smaller, and in some (eg in the fields of transport, logistics, prospecting for mineral resources, raw materials extraction, construction and electricity) are non-existent.

is worth noting that Russia occupies the second place among all countries of the world in the number of female managers - in our country, this figure is 42%.Russia just ahead of the Philippines, where the proportion of female managers - 47%.The third position is occupied by Thailand (38%).

With whom pleasant to work?

With regard to the gender composition of staff and employees, the vast majority of women surveyed (66%) do not care with whom to work - with men or with women.The main condition is to be a professional colleague.But professionalism does not depend on gender.

29% of respondents prefer to work with men because they are less emotional and more than women focused on their work, and most importantly - they are easier to manage.By the way, conflicts at work with men, there is only 8% of the survey participants, while 34% of respondents are in conflict with the women, and 31% of respondents conflicts happen with employees of both sexes.

Only 5% of respondents prefer to work exclusively with women.The reason is as follows: men are more ambitious, long positions in the subordinate does not linger.Therefore, in the near future may again be necessary to find an employee.

To plan or not?

Careers half of the survey participants developed purposefully, they deliberately planned every step of the way to success.37% of respondents say that their career was by chance, thanks to some circumstance.The rest of the participants among the factors that influenced the development of their careers, opened in front of them mention the possibility, as well as his outstanding abilities that it would be impossible not to take advantage.

«I am a very responsible attitude to work.It's in my nature.Besides, I know how difficult moment to convince myself that my job I like.It's very important, "- says Marala Charyeva, director of catering, cleaning and waste disposal," organizing committee "Sochi-2014". "

«I think that young girls are more focused on career than representatives of my generation.They are already at the beginning of his professional career to understand what they want from life.They know what stage of the career ladder they must go through to reach the goal.So I think that the part of women, who accidentally reach career peaks, gradually replaced by a woman with a clear and firm position in life ", - says Natalya Kaspersky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of" Kaspersky Lab ", CEO of InfoWatch.

professional satisfaction

greatest professional satisfaction in the work of the women surveyed executives brings:

1. Achieving the goals when you can see the result of the work;implemented and working projects.

2. The recognition and respect of his colleagues.

3. The solution of complex problems of non-standard problems.

4. The success of the new projects.The impact of completed projects in the business, results of labor.

5. The development and recognition of the success of the team, the development of people, a consistently high level of satisfaction with the team.

6. The profitability of the business and professional reputation.

Home, family and children

More than half of the study participants (58%) are currently married.78% of respondents were married once, 12% - twice, and 2.5% went to the registrar three times.But 7% of respondents in a registered marriage in general have never taken place.

in 68% of study participants have one child, 10% of respondents - two children.And 10% of women executives are mothers of large families - in their families three children.12% of respondents do not have children yet.

As for the distribution of domestic duties, such as preparing meals at home takes up almost half of the women interviewed.35% of respondents, if necessary, prepare a meal operate on the principle "Who is free, he is ready."Interestingly, the services of home cooks use only 5% of study participants.Another 4% eat, usually in a restaurant, but do not cook at home.For 5% of the respondents Cooking Mama, and for 2.5% - the husband.2% of study participants are cooking or delis premium, which sells ready meal.

remaining economic affairs (cleaning, laundry, ironing), half of the families participating in the study are divided equally among all family members.25% of women managers use the services of housekeepers, and the remaining 25% of respondents of all household chores Tutor.

dreams and hobbies

dream of most participants in the study are the same: they are related to the well-being of families and children.This concept invested a decent education, health and happiness of the child, parents' health and longevity.In second place on the popularity of the dream of building a house (including a house by the sea).Some of the women interviewed dreaming about vacation, and some - on the personal harmony and a second child.

Among other cherished desires Russian chairwoman:

- self-realization;

- improving the environmental situation in Russia: the construction of waste treatment plants, landfills tightening control over forests;

- a dream;

- moving to a different climate;

- admission to the courses of dance and drawing;

- not to go to work every day;

- a new all-consuming project;

- salary increase;

- world peace.

Despite the fact that free time - a phenomenon for business lady almost fantastic, study participants found time for fun and hobby.Specialists of the analytical center of Recruitment "Contact" ranked the interests of women - top managers:

1. Reading.

2. Travel.

3. opera, theater, ballet.

4. Spending time with children.

5. arts, exhibition / sports.

6. Communicate with your friends, sewing, crafts.

7. Cottage / computer games / psychology.

8. Sleep / restaurant / leisure time there.

Is not it time to retire?

53% of the survey participants, in principle, did not think of those completing their career or not.20% of women can now designate specific terms of his release of "retirement."Of these, 10% of respondents expected to complete a career 15-year term, 5% of respondents are going to leave the business in 5 years, another 5% of the respondents - 10 years.

Game Association

Answering the question "What manner of successful women you associate yourself?", The majority of survey participants to compare themselves with Coco Chanel.Slightly less fans Margaret Thatcher.They are followed by Indira Gandhi and Jacqueline Kennedy.Less popular images of Marie Curie, JK Rowling, and Joan of Arc.It is noteworthy that Marilyn Monroe successful ladies associate themselves did not want to.

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