Medical elderberry jam.

woman at every age wants to be attractive.However, external beauty is often dependent on the good functioning of the organism.It is therefore important to monitor their health and maintain it.Today we know a lot of ways for improvement, one of them is a health elderberry jam.


Black elderberry More used since ancient times.Its beneficial properties are used in medicine and as a folk remedy.It has sudorific action therefore helps with colds, flu, as well as kidney disease.In addition, it helps to improve digestion.When it comes to homeopathy, it is perfectly helps with arthritis, rheumatism, heart disease.

There are a variety of popular recipes.Sambucus nigra is used as broths, juices, poultices, and from it you can cook delicious jam.Berries are used as a tonic, diaphoretic, expectorant, laxative, diuretic and sedative.Prepare black elderberry jam not difficult, the main thing - to get it right.

Methods for preparing

Today we know a lot of different recipes of delicious jam from the berries.And you can add to the recipe apples, blackberries, pears or other ingredients.His usefulness of this sweet medicine will not lose, but on the contrary, acquire new flavor notes.We can only solve the problem of how to cook the jam of black elderberry.

step of preparing the original version

1. It is necessary to collect the already ripened berries from a bush.

2. Wash the raw material into the lukewarm water.

3. To separate the berries from the branches, as well as to sort them so that only the good fruits.

4. slept right amount of elderberry, need about one kilogram.

5. Then pour everything into a deep container.

6. Starts rolling pin - it is necessary to walk on the berries (thus manufactured part juice).

7. The container and poured the rest elder put everything on the plate.

8. It is important to bring a lot to a boil, then reduce the heat.

9. black elderberry jam is cooked in its own juice with constant stirring.

10. After the weight is reduced, it is possible to fall asleep sugar.It takes one kilogram of berries hundred grams of sugar.

11. All should be thoroughly mixed until completely dissolved.

12. Next you need to cook for another ten minutes, not forgetting to stir constantly.Otherwise, the jam will burn.

13. After cooking, it is necessary to pour a lot of sterile jars and roll covers.

14. The finished product must be protected warm blanket, leave to cool.

15. Brew should be thick, dark red, with noticeable elder berries.

Other methods for preparing

black elderberry jam can be prepared using a ready-made syrup.To do this, the fruits should be collected to put in a colander and rinse well under running water.Next elder need to put in an enamel bowl, and then pour pre-prepared syrup.When cooking using one kilogram of sugar per hundred grams of water.The mass must be left for eight hours.After that, the jam is cooked until tender.

Elderberries in its own juice

This option preserves takes time, slowly.Already prepared and washed berries are placed in the pelvis.Moreover, each layer is filled with sugar.Therefore, for one kilogram of fruit is required as much sugar.After ten o'clock let elderberry juice.Then the whole mass is put on the fire to bring the jam to readiness.Then there will be only pour the jam into prepared dishes, hide and let cool.After that it can be opened as needed and use it as a medicine.

Recipe for sweet medicines from elderberry and blackberry jam

elder black berries with a useful, like blackberries, is an excellent remedy for many colds.We all know what cold winter there, so you need to stock up on these delicious medicine for the entire winter.It requires ingredients such as blackberries (half a kilogram), the same elderberry and three kilograms of sugar.

The whole process begins with crushing the washed elderberry.Then it should be rubbed through a sieve to remove seeds.Then again, the entire mass is placed in a pot and is connected to a purified, washed blackberries.All this should be boiled for ten minutes - until all provarivaniya berries.Then added sugar, and after everything is stirred until complete dissolution.We can only Dowar elderberry jam.Recipes that does not take a lot of time and brings a lot of benefits.

Adding to the apple elderberry jam

There are many recipes for apple jam.It turns out tasty, fragrant and kept long enough.If during cooking to add a little elderberry, it will be more useful.

Before starting to cook black elderberry jam with apples, you need to prepare the right ingredients.Need apples (one kilogram) and the same amount of sugar, as well as five hundred grams of berries.

with apple peel, then they are cut into cubes.Elderberry with apples fill with sugar and add half a liter of water.You can also put a lemon peel - jam out very fragrant.Then the whole mass should stand for two hours.When the syrup is formed, it is possible to put on the fire and make sure that to the apples from the elder-cooked until tender.And should boil thoroughly for 12-14 minutes three times.Then you need to take all the sterilized jars and jam them decomposed and cork caps.Turn upside down and leave to cool.

All recipes from the black elderberry jam varied.But in any case it will have beneficial properties, it helps with colds.And also help keep the body healthy, not only women, but men and young children.That is why it is an indispensable tool, and should be at hand of any woman that wants to preserve their youth, health, and help your family deal with various ailments.