As in "maynkraft" paint Glass: manual

Building in "maynkraft" - is one of the main activities.In the design and construction of buildings of any one person can not do without windows.And what a window without glass?Today we try to understand what it takes to create the glass panels, as well as in "maynkraft" to paint the glass.


Let's try to pick up the necessary elements to the puzzle of colored windows.Naturally, you can not create a multi-colored glass "Maynkraft" without specific initial stocks.However, oddly enough, you do not need anything special.Primarily - sand and dyes.Keep in mind that you can create a painted glass, starting with version 1.7.2.Because of a sandy unit receives only one block of glass, then you know that we have to dig long and hard.But it's worth it.


So, playing on the beach sand and dug out more, go to our stove.Before going in, "maynkraft" paint the glass, you'll have to melt it.From a single unit of sand and in the oven, we Kraft single glass.In order to then paint it, you need a minimum of eight (8).On the one hand, it is convenient because several glass blocks will be consumed only one dye to the other if you need only one color of glass, you'll have to spend a little more effort.But it does not matter, the stock suddenly useful.


Like "maynkraft" glass paint without paint?In the game there are about fifteen colors.All are made from a particular natural material.For the most part it is vegetation that is processed on the bench or in the oven.For staining the glass you can use any of them, depending on your desires.Below we present a list of all the possible colors that you need to do before painting the glass "maynkraft" and their methods of preparation:

  1. Red (the color of the roses).Obtained by crafting a red tulip, poppy, or rose bushes.To do this, simply drag the ingredient on the bench.
  2. Pink.This color can be created in several ways.Firstly, on the bench of a pink tulip and peony.Secondly, mixing the red dye with bone meal.
  3. Yellow.One gets the already known method of dandelions and sunflowers.
  4. Orange.All of us in primary school at the lessons of Fine Arts were mixing colors.Align the red and orange colors.Or, use an orange tulip.
  5. blue (ultramarine).This rebel among dyes.It turns out he's not out of the grass and of the Azure ore.
  6. Light blue.You can lighten the blue dye all of the same bone meal or treat the orchid on the bench.
  7. Purple.Take a bow, or mix red and blue.
  8. Lilac.Again remember drawing lessons.Mix purple and pink.Or if you're lucky to find something Kraft of lilacs.
  9. Green (cactus greens).Note: anneal cactus.
  10. Black.Kill octopus and recover its ink sac.
  11. White.Grind bone on the bench to get bone meal.
  12. Gray.It's simple.Black + White.
  13. Light gray.We continue to brighten gray.Handle white tulip and daisy.
  14. Brown (cocoa beans).You can find them in the treasuries or when cutting the trees of the jungle.
  15. turquoise dye obtained by mixing green and ultramarine.
  16. Lime.As you can imagine, it is enough to lighten green.

Drawing lessons

Having obtained the necessary materials, we can finally begin to consider the question of how to "maynkraft" to paint the glass.Take eight glass panels created us and placed on a square bench.The central cell is sufficient to put only one dye.That's all.Now you have eight blocks of colored can set them to the desired location, as any other unit.Be careful not to soil, and good luck in the development of a cubic world!