How to make TNT "maynkraft" or building traps

So today we will talk with you about how to make TNT "maynkraft."In addition, let's see, why do we need this item is.How to use it properly?Why server "Maynkraft" with TNT enjoyed great popularity?About all of this now, and will be discussed.

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If you are thinking how to make TNT "Maynkraft", then most likely, you have had to deal with this exciting and dangerous items.If not, then let's see what it is.

TNT - the so-called dynamite in the game.It can be used for quick cleaning of the territory, destruction of some blocks and building traps.The last option is the most popular use.If you find a server "Maynkraft TNT" while connected, you can be sure that there you lie in wait for TNT at every step.

TNT Often used in conjunction with trolley.This trap can be sent to the rails.It will destroy the blockages in the mines and scare away enemies.In addition, TNT can simply throw the one who sits in the trolley, "overboard".So let's see what we need to craft.


So, the first item is that we need to create a dynamite - it is nothing like the sand.Get it very simple.All the more so for this you do not need any special tools.

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Sand - a fairly common unit, which can only occur in the natural form of the game.It can be found anywhere.In most cases, it is found on the beaches, lakes, deserts and caves.In addition, you can go to the bottom of a pond.There you will see him.

for construction sand is almost useless.But as an additional material in crafting - at the time.From this it can receive the explosive or glass.So if you are thinking how to make TNT "maynkraft", then type it, but more.For one thing you need 4 blocks.


course, to have turned something that could explode, it is necessary to obtain the powder.But where can I get it?Let's try to deal with you in this difficult case.

If you are thinking how to make TNT "maynkraft", the stocks of weapons and patience.We should go to the treasures of the study.They are very often stored gunpowder.Not very much, nevertheless it's better than nothing.In order to have turned the explosives have to collect 5 units of an item.

Also, do not hurry to leave the field of battle with kripperami and witches.After all, they are the most common sources that allow us today to get the right material.When you collect the right amount of powder, enough to combine it on the bench with five blocks of sand - you will have the explosives.Now it is possible to place and activate.A trolley can be placed in and to make a trap.Interesting idea, is not it?


So, if you already know how to make TNT "maynkraft", you should think about creating a trolley.Two of these items combined into a single entity, gives a stunning result.So let's now try crafted truck.

to create will have to produce iron ingots.They need 5 pieces.It turns out that an item of iron blocks (it is destroyed in the 9 bars).However, to obtain directly "cube" is quite difficult.You can try another option.

example, take up arms and go to fight with an iron golem.During his killing you get a few necessary items.Not the most humane and kind manner.But there is another approach.

For iron bars can also use the relevant ore.Iron ore is located in the Lower world at an altitude of up to 64 units.Once you were able to get it, just treat the material in the oven.For one unit, you get one bar.After aligning all of the iron - will turn the trolley.Now you can connect it with explosives and build a trap.Now that you know how to make TNT "maynkraft" and trolley.