Sour Sauce.

Good sauce - is the success of any dish, as they say experienced chefs.These liquid supplements there are so many viands.Sometimes they "do" a recipe, because without them cooked foods will have quite a different taste and aroma.Sour sauce occupies a special place among the representatives of its class.Sometimes it is simply necessary for proper digestion, in order to products, components of the dish are well absorbed by the body.


What is so useful sour sauce?The fact is that the acid in the human body responsible for splitting the breakdown of fats in dishes from meat.For example, the world-famous tkemali.This sour sauce made from plums and plum, and is used to bring to the table almost all meat dishes.And these products often have a huge amount of fat that is absorbed for a long time.And then comes to the rescue sour sauce tkemali, copes with it.The result is a tasty healthy food!

Similar tkemali sauces sometimes prepared from acidic forest berries (blackberry, cranberry, wild cherry) with the addition of different ingredients (spices, vegetables, herbs and spices).Such a composition is needed to digest fat and junk food, which without them would be a "stand stake" in the stomach and a very long time to digest.The only caveat - increased acidity.When it is necessary the use of acidic sauces eliminate or reduce (better to consult a doctor).

What products to use?

Many recipes use a variety of products: plum, tomato paste, lemon, pickles, juice of lemon, lime.As a thickener used mash from fruits and starch.All these ingredients are readily available at many stores.Vegetables for mashed potatoes cut into small pieces, simmer on low heat, mix in a blender until smooth.Fruits, chopped finely (eg, apples), can be used raw, but it is recommended that you put out a little before cooking sauce.Spices Fresh choose not to lay too long.From this worsens the flavor and decreases the value of useful additives.


One of the brightest representatives of this group is the Chinese sweet and sour sauce.This supplement gives a delicious traditional recipes savory unique taste.It can apply to a variety of dishes of meat and fish to vegetables viands.Combining a variety of flavors, which plays unexpected faces - that is sweet and sour sauce in Chinese!Playful sour, bitter notes of soy aftertaste of sweetness ... Let's try to cook?


Need about: one onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, a little ginger, a cup of good natural ketchup, a third cup of vinegar, half a cup of sugar, a couple of big spoons of soy sauce naturally fermented without additives, two large spoons of wheat flour, twolarge spoon of vegetable oil.


chops onions, garlic, ginger root finely rub.In a frying pan with high edges in vegetable oil passeruem all of the above, carefully stirring.In a small saucepan, bring to a boil the vinegar and dissolve the sugar in it.The total weight of adding ketchup and soy sauce, then - a mixture of onion, garlic, ginger.Then cook over very low heat, gradually introducing the flour until thick.We filter mass through a sieve and leave to cool.This sauce can be closed, in canning jars.Can long-term (up to a month) to keep in the refrigerator.

Useful tips

As you can see, the preparation of such a product - a simple matter.Especially that experienced hostess invent variations, replacing the missing products at acceptable similar.Or added to the recipe anything from yourself, your favorite ingredients.Pickles, for example, or hot pepper, or even brandy!Instead of ketchup, you can enter or natural plum tomatoes.Do not be afraid to create, following the main course recipe, and then from your "brand" sauce come to delight even the gourmets.And now - a few traditional dishes prepared with its use.

¬ęPineapple" chicken in sour sauce

This dish is very popular in China.It is based on a combination of sweet fruits and acid tomatoes.

Ingredients : chicken (fillet or breast) - half a kilo, sweet peppers - two pieces, a jar of canned pineapple (200 grams) and one fresh, half a cup of soy sauce, a cup of cooked sweet and sour sauce in Chinese (recipe see above), vegetable oil, herbs, salt.

fillets cut into small pieces, pour the soy sauce, pickle a few hours.Then fry the chicken on high heat in a well-heated vegetable oil.Put the sauce in a bowl for fire and throw to the fillets.The latest in a dish add the pineapple and simmer for a few minutes.

If you have in the arsenal of canned pineapple rings - cut into pieces.If fresh - clean and cut into cubes.Excellent Eastern dish is ready!

pork in sweet sauce

Similarly, preparing and pork, but instead of using pieces of chicken tenderloin or ham.

Ingredients : tenderloin or rear - 500 grams, sweet peppers - two things, fresh pineapple - one piece, ketchup, ginger, lemon, vinegar, garlic, spices (just a little).

Pork - more fatty meat than chicken.Initially, pickle slices in soy sauce.Make a batter of soy sauce, starch and flour, poppy him pieces of meat and fry over high heat until lightly golden brown crust.For the sauce, grated ginger root, garlic, onion and pepper, fry in a pan.Add the pineapple, ketchup, starch to thicken.We spread roasted meat in the same dish and simmer a few minutes.For those who like sharp little add a little pepper.Season with salt to taste.To be served with rice and vegetables.Bon appetit to all!