How to lose weight without harm and for all

reflect on how to lose weight?And, perhaps, you want quick results!

then correct to refuse all kinds of diets - they give a quick, but, unfortunately, short-lived results.Do you have more promising options, and you can start today!

Stop wasting money instead of kilograms in the elite gyms and consultation of charlatans of science, and in the meantime continue to rack their brains over the question of how to lose weight.At home, you can lose weight is not worse than in expensive fitness clubs.You may well lose 1.5 kg a week due to a balanced diet and simple exercise.

How to lose weight fast

If you every day will burn 500 calories more than you consume, then by the end of the week weight loss will make 1.5-2 kg.If you wish to lose weight more quickly you need to eat less and thus move more.

For example, if you eat 1050 to 2000 calories a day and exercise for 1 hour every day, you lose 2-3 kg in the first week, if you weigh more than 125 kg.

It is very important not to reduce further the number of calories consumed per day, because it can negatively affect your body.

Restricting salt and carbohydrates can also significantly and quickly reduce the weight, but this is mainly due to the water that is not very good.

How to lose weight through diet

considered the most effective diet with low-starch, but not limited to sugar and animal proteins and fats from dairy products and meat.Also for fast weight loss experts recommend to focus on nutrition in fruits, vegetables, eggs, soy products, lean poultry and fish, seafood, low-fat dairy products.

Additional recommendations for a balanced diet for weight loss:

  1. increased consumption of vegetables helps you feel good.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids, best mineral water without gas.
  3. Take away from home "forbidden" foods.
  4. Make yourself work - then you will not always something to chew out of boredom.
  5. Eat only at the table, give up snacking.
  6. Eat regularly.
  7. Keep a diet diary in which to write down everything that you eat and how many kilograms lost - it helps you psychologically withstand the diet.

How to lose weight with belly

That belly is a major area of ​​concern most people, diet alone will not help.So, it's time to move!Scientific studies indicate that the optimal training time is about 1 hour per day.Plan for yourself cardio and power loads.Cardio actually burn calories.And it contributes to the rapid weight loss, but then you need to add strength training to remove the already accumulated fat.

If you have never played sports or have any chronic illness, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting training.

During pick the right training, the right pace for you personally exercise, do not try to do everything very quickly - so you can easily get tired and intensity, and hence the efficiency of employment decline.

regularly alternating tempo: as the main medium - short episodes of a rapid pace of exercise.

If your problem area - the abdomen, to focus on exercises for abdominal muscles.Good results and belly dancing shows, in addition, it can serve as a great motivation for further weight loss.

Basic errors or how to lose weight, do not hurt yourself

seeing the first results, in any case do not fall into euphoria and tightens diet.Consumption of less than 1050-1200 calories a day, the risk that you will lose not only fat but also muscle mass.

Bizarre monodiets - also not a good idea for weight loss.You lose a few extra kilos fast enough, but stick to the diet for a long time - is quite problematic (because you will not be able to eat the whole life of pineapple and two grapefruit a day, or eat alone buckwheat porridge!), But because the result will be short-lived.

Also, avoid any programs that promise rapid weight loss in a short time and for all with the help of various tools or miracle pills - is usually charlatans.You can lose weight in just one way: to restrict your diet and increase physical activity.

Thus, deciding to lose weight, strictly follow it, but stay on the right track, and the result is not long to wait!