What are the chances to find a job in the New Year's Eve?

Find a job in the New Year's holidays - is fantastic.Companies in early December are covered by pre-holiday excitement, interesting job, "preserved" until February, and eychary and leaders rush to leave - so many job seekers talk.But is it really?

The Winter of Our Discontent

truism that the search for work - is also a work that should be done regardless of the mood and the time of year, before the Christmas holidays is losing its relevance.Why knock on closed doors?You can not deny the fact that the labor market has its own cyclical nature, which must be taken into account in order to effectively allocate their time and energy.

«As a rule, the most productive for job search time of the year is the period from February to May and from September to December - said Galina Sgonnik, head of the industrial areas of personnel holding" Encore. "- By the end of December activity falls due to vacations and holidays.And until the new year to find employment is much smaller than, for example, in October and November. "

However, according to experts, despite the downturn in the labor market, to stop the search in any case not worth it.

Olga Gorokhov, Head of Human Resources of the bank "Societe Generale Vostok", says talk of reducing the activity of employers are valid only for small companies, where all development processes stretched in time, and update staff is relatively rare."In the large companies with more than a thousand people, there is a need for staff throughout the year, and staffing services are constantly in search of candidates to fill a vacancy."

Xenia Rodina, Director of the Department of recruitment agency EMG Professionals, believes that some employers, on the contrary, they want as quickly as possible to close the job and continue to recruit until the last days of December."These employers are trying to recruit specialists or to make proposals to them, so that employees can get to work immediately after the New Year holidays.Usually it is a company where there are certain projects that are selected by the candidates, time constraints, the start of production and some other details. "

According to the expert, stop the selection of only those companies where everything is planned and there is no emergency tasks."Indeed, in such organizations in the last ten days of December the departments of Human Resources, as a rule, are more focused on activities related to the New Year holidays: corporate parties, congratulations partners and customers.

But the Agency's work on search and selection specialists even at this time does not stop.A meeting with the employer and the candidates following the interview stage merely tolerated. "

Turn lemons into lemonade

Career counselors assure that there is no perfect time for job search, the best time - is now.Wait for an opportune moment to take advantage of the situation and everyone can, but to be able to pay the pros cons of the situation - the privilege of the most deserving candidates.It is only to reject all stereotypes as will become apparent undeniable advantages in finding work in the New Year days.

1) Less competition

Recruiters are convinced that due to the fact that the applicants are subject to various stereotypes, many employers in the pre-holiday period are faced with staff shortages.Therefore, especially during the winter lull should be even more active on the issue of self-employment.Competition in the labor market in the holiday season and holidays markedly reduced, and the chances of the most persistent applicants increased significantly.

2) The ability to easily get in the swing of things

addition to less competition in the search for work on the eve of the holidays, there is another significant advantage.In case of a successful job, right after the holidays, when many take extra days of rest, and the workflow for another week and a half is only part of the usual rhythm, a newcomer is easier to penetrate into the swing of things and have time to get used to a new team before the start of the active working season.

Seasonal acceleration

Job (even when employers are at the peak of activity) - the process is quite time-consuming, so the season of "lull" the candidates have to be pre-prepared for the fact that employment may require more time and effort.

«According to long-term observations, the people who came to work in September, began to search for work and contacts with agencies, usually 2-3 months ago (the average duration of the order to find a specialist or manager - 70-90 days), - commentsGalina Sgonnik.- That is, the results of September - it orders from customers in June-August, and often earlier. "

«So if you start to look for a job in December, you'd better hurry - advises Olga Gorokhov.- The last week of December - definitely not the best time to start the interview because of objective reasons, be able to complete them now only in mid-January after a long New Year holidays.The process of selection and admission of candidates is not a quick, so it originally lay plenty of time. "

«If you are for a job you are interested in the position for the Christmas holidays, be sure to send it again, and after their completion.Also make sure that the resume has been delivered to the addressee - continues Xenia homeland.- If the employer places a job before Christmas in the 30 days of December to collect resumes or information on the market, it's likely he will not have time to process the materials obtained immediately.And for New Year holidays has accumulated a lot of letters, and it is likely that your resume will get lost in a large volume of incoming mail. "

In the new year - a new job

We hope that the New Year now your job search successful.Indeed, as suggested by Galina Sgonnik, "dead" season to search for work - the concept is very relative and is only partially true, and your chance of finding a job can be realized and this would seem not the most favorable period.

Gulya Yagudin

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