How to tell your child about sex

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When and how should explain to children where they come from, the differences between boys and girls, and what are the ways of protection from unwanted pregnancy?

first child to know why and how it is different from the girls (and boys).Tell that there are men and women who are distinguished by their sexual organs.

to the first question about how the child is born, it will be enough simple answer - from my mother's belly.Kids there safe and warm, and they grow up under my mother's heart.For the little ones it will be enough.

the question "What child is born?"- Answer: "My mother in the abdomen there is a special hole, and through it with the help of the doctor the baby selected on the light."- "I want to see!"- Says the child.- "But this is impossible. All the body there are special places that can not be shown to anyone."By the way, here is a good idea to ask if he knew what this place.

next question: "How a child gets to her mother in the stomach?"On this, as a rule, ask older children.Answer: "My mother tummy appears seed from which grows the baby. When mom and dad sleep together, they hug, and seeds from the Pope goes to his mother."

At the age of 10-11 years can already explain exactly how this happens: "When Mom and Dad want to have children, because they love each other, they gently embrace and kiss before you go to sleep, and then the seed of my father's penisthrough the hole at the bottom of my mother's belly gets inside her body. It's a brand new life. "

And most importantly, no matter how many times your child has asked you any questions about your innermost always answer him calmly and confidently.

The older the child becomes, the more he wants to ask questions and get truthful answers to them, and not to listen to stories about bees and storks.You should not lie to your child, even on such seemingly delicate subject you like sex.If you are embarrassed to talk about sex with your child one on one, then there are a lot of literature for different age groups, which explains simply and all questions about sex.

necessary to prepare for the child's questions about sex, not to be caught unawares and rude answer to the child that it is too early to know about it.The day will come when your child will want to know what is sex.Boys should give condoms to explain how to use it, give a couple of pieces and occasionally observe that they are always in your pocket.

Girls also need to know what should be protected not only against pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases.Talk about what you do not need on the first request of the boy to go to bed to bed with him if she does not want.You do not need to do this from the principle that it was the only virgin among girlfriends.Not the fact that girlfriend had sex, because no one was holding a candle.

with your child need to have a close contact to prevent errors, always be frank.After all, no parent wants in 14 years it has become a child of mom or dad, when he is still a child.

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