10 types of relationships with no future

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Psychologists believe: the sooner you realize that waiting for your couple - a happy marriage and the inevitable break - the easier you will cope with the situation.Or even change it!How to recognize a relationship with no future?

1. Roman with "schoolboy»

elect, who is younger than you are 10-15 years old, you can always show off to your friends, but if a good man to you for a husband?According to statistics, the majority of couples where the woman is much older men parted for 3-5 years.

Why? risk factors in these respects quite a lot: it's jealousy, and rejection of your couple society, and differences on children (usually a woman wants to have a baby, and the man is not yet ready to become a father).Often in such pairs is psychologically a woman plays the role of a mother, and a man - a son, and there may come a time when "vozlyubenny-son" wants to leave the "parent" slot.

What to do? If you want to keep such relationships, learn to relate to your chosen one in the first place, as a man, not a boy.Or find an older gentleman - in the words of psychologists, it is best to get on couples where the husband is older than his wife for 5-6 years.

2. Holiday romance

beautiful sunset over the sea, the sun, cocktails - all contribute to the holiday of love, but often this relationship has no future.

Why? According to statistics, only 7-10% of the resort's novels end with the creation of the family: they usually can not stand the reality and everyday life.Running on the waves with flying hair from wind gentle nymph in a city can be a career-prudent, as a knight with a powerful torso - nothing attractive man in the subway who never give way to the old woman.

What to do? If you want romance did not end at the same time turputevku, psychologists advise in the first place, do not rush to self-disclosure and intimacy, intrigue partner.Second, do not entertain any illusions and realize that on his return to the real environment your companion may be a little different.

3. Love correspondence

Modern technologies connect lovers who live thousands of kilometers apart.In addition, exchange letters so romantic!However, there is a risk that a continuation of the real love story can not be.

Why? Love in the distance - it's the love of a woman with herself, with her own imagination, where she completes the image to the desired lover.Another risk - falling in love with a man who just pretends to be someone else.

What to do?Hurry a personal meeting - the sooner it happens, the greater the chance that your internet experience will grow into a real relationship.

4. Romancing the "mama's boy»

some men to marry, you must first "divorce" from his mom: otherwise their perfect union you risk becoming a third wheel.

Why? to these future relations still appear, you'll have to "recapture" your man his mother.However, even if this happens, you risk becoming a "new mother" for her husband.And it is ready, not all women.

What to do? If you do decide to fight for her man, suggested to put up with the presence of in-law in your life, try not to criticize it, but on the contrary, often lauded as mother and son.

5. Relations "zhenatikom»

before deciding on a relationship with a married man, you must understand the place you occupy in his life, and find out why did he do affair with you?

Why? most likely outcome of the two affair with a married man: either he is for a while will position you as a lover, and then return to the family or create a new one - with you, but will change with another woman.

What to do? dare, if described by psychologists scenarios you are not afraid.

6. Roman Celebrity

Visitor people tend to be very careful in choosing the cardiac affections.But suddenly there was so much that he became interested in you.And you're dreaming about how to meet the star with their parents about smart wedding and joint children.But perhaps, in vain?

Why? you are fascinated stardom elect, but not to themselves.Your expectations may not match with the character of a real person.Do not miss the fact that the future is only in a relationship where there is an interchange, and equal.That is why the most famous men marry women from their midst.

What to do? If you want a serious relationship with the star, get ready for what will have to re-familiarize, and the less you will have expectations and prejudices, the better.

7. The relationship based on sex

quality sex - it is a good prerequisite for a stable relationship.When, apart from him, there is nothing - it is normal at the beginning of the novel, but not when your relationship for a few months or years.

Why?Sex will soon cease to be a valuable and brings together partners.For the happy unions have something more serious - the synthesis of sexual and emotional impulses.

What to do? urgently look for common interests, or to run away from such a relationship with all haste.

8. Relationship "on the nerves»

Domestic violence, endless jealousy and guilt, in most cases destroy the relationship.Novel that makes you emotional breakdown, hardly ever be able to develop into a happy marriage.

Why? No woman does not like to come to work with bruises and suffering constant cries even with a greater sense of the man.

What to do? Psychologists, experts advise to start to understand the situation in which a man raised his hand to you.If he did it to get you out of a tantrum, or you provoked him greatly offended, then your relationship may have a future.If the reason was the drunk bottle of beer, and punishment - methodical beating, there is, alas, the chance of a long and happy life there.In any case, if you decide to forgive the man - do not do it right, it should feel the threat of losing you.

9. relationship after infidelity

few women have the courage to forgive deceived partner.More often resentment does not restore the old relationship.

Why? change very difficult to forgive, so the resentment turns into a sacred place.Reminders and accusations create a psychologically difficult situation, trying to get away from that man can once again decide to commit adultery, not one.

What to do? If you still decide to try to keep the union - find the strength to forgive once and for all.Try to avoid the position of "victim", otherwise there is a risk that the relationship will continue to build on a sense of guilt.And it will agree, too, is not the most solid foundation for the novel.

10. Relationship revenge former

new relationship - not a guarantee that you will be able to forget the old passion.Unions, built on a sense of revenge, as a rule, do not differ in strength: after all, you're still concentrating on the personality of the previous partner, and that those around at the moment, you simply have no energy.

Why? No matter how you tried to seek advantages in the nature of the new men, the differences will always be in favor of the former.Your attraction to the previous man can not help but notice the current choice, which is probably the first and talk about the separation.

What to do? stop deceiving themselves and misleading the current chosen.Make a choice should be as soon as possible if you still love the former, maybe we should let go of the man who is now next to you?

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