What currency to take to Egypt traveler recommendations

well seasoned travelers who traveled all over the world.They know how much money you need to take, what to take along for the ride, which souvenirs to bring home.Easier and those who are sent to rest in Europe, where almost all of the EU single currency.But what about those who first goes on vacation in an exotic country?Let's try to give advice to travelers flying to swim and sunbathe on the shore of the Red Sea.So what currency to take to Egypt?

If the answer to this question as briefly as possible, the national currency - the Egyptian pound.The stores each item has two prices - in pounds and US dollars.But pay is still profitable in the national currency.When deciding how much money to take to Egypt, be aware that to carry into the country, and everywhere you can pay by Egyptian and British pounds, US dollars and euros.

But Russian rubles definitely take not worth it.Is that a taxi home from the airport.So how to change them, of course, will be in all the exchangers, but the course is very disadvantageous.In addition, it will be semi-officially, because the course is not on the board, and hung our currency is not mentioned.

answer to the question about which currency to take to Egypt given.Now tell whether to change it on the local money and where it can be done.Regarding the exchange - yes, definitely need to change.Shopping, as has been said, is more profitable to do in Egyptian pounds and delivery also requires them.Yes, and much more profitable to trade in national money, as they have a fine gradation.And the price is good bargain, you can throw up to 50% of the original.

Deciding what currency to take to Egypt, you must know where to change it.This can be done in the following locations:

- in banks, but not all, some make only other operations;

- in exchange offices, which are becoming more and more, by the way, do not forget to check

and recalculate the money immediately after the exchange;

- at ATMs, on which there is an inscription or EXCHANGE FOREX;

- in offices, "Thomas Cook".

is also possible to remove the Egyptian pound with your bank card.This is another answer to the question about which currency to take to Egypt.Remember the Commission and that when popular unrest in the country there are failures in the banking system, and relying only on the map, there is a chance to stay without any money.Conclusion: the need to always have cash!

C finances sorted out.What tourists going to the shore of the Red Sea, you need to bring?In addition to documents and money, it is necessary you should have a minimum set of medicines.This activated charcoal, drugs such as "furazalidon", "Polysorb", "aspirin", "Reni", as well as a set of band-aids.Take antibacterial wipes.Determining what to take with you to Egypt, do not forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap.Grab a jacket, which is useful in the cool air-conditioned bus.

Carry always petty money, as everywhere, except today, the normal hotels, you will be continually beg for baksheesh (tip).In addition, there is accepted for all to give at least some small thing.For example, the pyramid even the police make that offer you to take a picture on your camera.

Finally one piece of advice: beware of thieves and crooks who love Russian tourists and obgorite the hot, nearly equatorial sun.