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More and more people are creating their own websites, it does not udevitelno because Internet is now quite popular.Create a site now also not a problem, you only need to look and brush up on some supplies, but buy cheap hosting and just a good hosting is quite difficult today, I'll tell you about how I prefer hosting, sorting through hundreds of others.

After I decided to create my first paid site: first and foremost I have a question where to buy cheap web hosting?But not just for cheap 50p, but also to distinguish it good workability, and he had a good online support in the form of chat.Since I was a novice in all matters with hosting these conditions I was just needed.I looked for a long time reading reviews on different sites drove in search engines queries like this: wordpress hosting, inexpensive hosting, buy cheap hosting and cheap web hosting.As after long walks found one hosting for 49r monthly happy decided to buy for the first time to brush up and bought barely barely set to wordpress, with grief in half found the dns servers for your domain, all sort of did I come to your site and I write that my sitenot yet been established and will be ready soon.I was confused because my site was ready a long time ago, wrote in support via e-mail (other options nebylo) did not answer me, I spat on the hosting and began looking for another, and finally found it!

It was a wonderful hosting from Makhost where for 109 rubles, I was given a good hosting.When the first difficulties encountered, I wrote in the online support (chat), where I was kindly and quickly answered by an agent service support has helped to do everything and even did some of the work himself !!I was pleasantly surprised now if not even poluchaetsya kakayato trifle with the site I refer not to the google and support service McHost.Another reason that I chose this company is that hosting for WordPress fit great, but hosting a wordpress find not so easy.I was struck by this customer service even with the cheapest tariff like mine, there is another fare "designer" is the initial cost of 1 ruble, the further you can add any function in the hosting and not to pay for the excess.

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In this case, I thank you for all the attention and remember if napimanno cheap hosting does not mean quality, first read the reviews.