Master class: their own hands fabric flowers (photo)

handy people who have decided to make something unusual, you should definitely pay attention to the proposed workshop.His hands fabric flowers can create even a novice.Such products will be a wonderful decoration for any outfit or interior.

Roses denim: the necessary materials and tools

Cotton hand probably is in every house.It may be old trousers, skirts, suits and other children's garments.If you set out to decorate bags, pet cushions, or simply create an artificial bouquet, you can use the old things and try to make the colors of denim hands.Master Class, as described below, will help you with this.

to work, except for the base material, it is necessary to prepare the threads, needle, scissors, wire or kebab sticks and floristic tape if the planned production of the bouquet.

Blanks for "denim" Rose

From denim, cut the strip, the length of which is 50 cm, width 7 cm, fold it in half face inward and every 6 cm put a label - it is the place of the future of the petals.Next you need with scissors, focusing on the mark made, giving the upper edge waviness.Then, with the side lobes and sides of the strip to be sewn, and then turn it on the face.

now at the lower edge of the thread you want to skip making the stitch length in order to be able to pull a little strip.With this simple operation is much bulkier will look fabric flowers by hand.Master Class "Rose" for those who wish to decorate the flower of any items on this actually ends.It remains only to fold the strip in the bud and secure with needle and thread to prevent unwinding.

There is also a simpler method of making roses from denim.It is necessary to simply cut the desired size strip, the upper edge of the fluff and by pulling thread basis, as in the first case, fold it in the bud.Further, it can be attached to clothing or any other object.

Creating rose denim for a bouquet

If you plan to make a bouquet, you will need to roll the strip, first placing it into the wire or kebab stick.When the bud is ready, it should be fixed at the bottom of the thread.In addition, to create a bouquet need one more detail that makes more realistic will look artificial flowers made of cloth with his hands.

Master Class involves more manufacturing sepals.To do this, cut a rectangle, and one of its long sides to make the gear, and then sew along the short sides of the blank on the reverse side.The finished item must be put on the other side to the kebab stick, and raising the base of the rose, wrapped sepal face to the flower.At the final step is to wrap the stem floral tape.

How to make poppy fabric with your hands: the launch of

Now you already know: to get the original brooch or hair ornament, just make fabric flowers by hand.Master Class "Mac" will reveal the secret of the creation of yet another splendid flower.For its production need black thread, needle, PVA glue, scissors, cotton wool, cotton wool, a pinch of semolina, the fabric, the best red (for the petals) and green (to the core), a candle or a lighter.In addition, if you plan to manufacture brooch pin need, and if hair ornaments - barrette or a hoop.

Now you can start to use the information that offers a master class.His hands fabric flowers will make in the case will be available all the necessary details.

You must first make the core.To do this, from a piece of cotton wool ball to roll and then wrap it half a cotton pad and bandage thread.Further, the green fabric to be cut out a circle of the same diameter as a cotton pad, and the workpiece obvernuv them again to tie it with a thread.Then, using the obtained filament bulb must be divided into segments and attach at the base.

That core is ready.However, within the poppy is not only she, but also the stamens.It is necessary to make them, and the next stage.To create a need three fingers to wind thread 8-10 turns, then remove a coil with arms and tie in the middle.Receipt of the item should be sew to the core, and then fluff thread around it, securing the adhesive in several places.

Making poppy petals

While core with stamens dry, you can prepare the petals.After all, without these details it is impossible to create a fabric flowers by hand.Master class requires a 8-9 petals, to be cut out of red material.Items must be rounded at the top and have a straight line along the bottom edge.For convenience, you can pre-prepare the cardboard template on which all of the elements and cut.When the petals are ready, necessary edge of each bit oplavit using a candle or a lighter.During this process, we recommend lightly stretch material, because in this case it will be more prominent lines and, consequently, more like a real poppy.

assembly poppy fabric: a photo of the finished product

Here are all the details and are ready, it remains only to collect the flowers from the fabric by hand.Master Class, photos and detailed instructions for creating a finished flower will allow you to make it even more spectacular than the one you can see below.However, you must first complete the assembly of poppy.To do this, take the glue has dried on the core, cut her strings stamens, brush lightly with adhesive edge and the last dip in the semolina.

When the inside of the poppy will be ready, you will need to turn the lower part to sew the petals slightly superimposing them on each other.Ready poppy can be used on their own, but you can be sure that in any case it will be a real eye-catcher.

Peony synthetic fabric with your hands: the preparation of materials

If you need to decorate the waist ball gown, make elegant brooch or hairpin, the most reasonable to make fabric flowers by hand.Master-class "Peony" presented here will help you with this.So, for the manufacture of such a lush and vibrant flower garden as a peony need fabric with 100% polyester content - ideal for satin or chiffon.In addition, you should prepare a candle, scissors, sewing yellow color, double-sided tape and you can start to study presented a master class.

His hands fabric flowers are made as follows.First you cut from the base material 5 laps of the desired size.They will determine the volume of the finished product.It is worth noting that only four carved items must have the same diameter, and the fifth - a little smaller.The contour of the circle may be slightly curved, more than that, thanks to a much more interesting look undulations made fabric flowers by hand.Master Class, photos and instructions for performing tasks placed below, as well as your own imagination prompt you to the right decisions during the creation of a pion.

Formation peony petals

When all blanks will be on hand, should light a candle and turn the items over a flame, to give them the shape of petals.It is important to remember that synthetic fabrics melt very quickly, so at this stage it is necessary to be extremely careful.

Further melted circles with four perpendicular sides must make cuts, and then formed a line and a little hold over a candle flame.It will flower petals.To give the finished product more fluffy can each be cut in half and another oplavit similarly.

Workshop: assembly peony

little more, and it will be possible to collect the flowers from the fabric by hand.Master class would be incomplete if information was lost manufacturing midway peony.To create this element should be taken floss and wrap it around two fingers in 6-8 turns, then, without removing the thread, tie the turns between the toes.After that, the item must be removed from both sides of the floss to cut, bend the material to the center and a little fluff.Also, for the manufacture midway peony can use beads or large beads.

came to the final stage our workshop.His hands fabric flowers, or rather of the prepared items are as follows: all the circles are joined together with glue, double-sided tape, or thread a needle.This is the smallest circle should be on top, and at its center should be fixed in the middle of a floss, beads, or beads.Here and ready Peony fabric that can be pinned to the clothes pin, stick to the gum or Hoops for the hair and decorate their holiday table or use for any other purpose.