What conditions are required to have long stood tulips fresh?

impossible to remain indifferent to the bright, lush beauty of these characters spring mood - tulips.These colors make the house an atmosphere of joy and comfort.To extend the feeling of celebration, one must know how to keep fresh tulips in housing conditions.To do this, after the flowers need proper care.

Tulips belong to the genus of herbaceous bulbous plants.Originally, these beautiful flowers from the mountains of Iran and the Tian Shan Mountains.Due to its geographical origin, they are adapted to specific climate and good tolerate moderate temperature changes.Mountain, desert and steppe areas, where the summers are hot and dry and winters are cold - the usual conditions of existence for such plants like tulip.For a long time these were purchased or cut flowers, it is important to provide them with a cool temperature.

When to buy tulips?

These flowers stand for longer if they are cut or to buy the morning.At this time of day on their surface more moisture accumulates, and water consumption is much lower than during the day.This factor contributes to the long storage of flowers, like tulips.To make a long standing in the water flowers with a garden plot should remember useful information.Flowers with soft stems are cut with a sharp knife, and dense - with the help of secateurs.

How long are tulips in a vase?

Experts say that under certain conditions these bright colors will delight of five to seven days.At the same time care for tulips slightly different from the content of roses or lilies.They are more fragile and susceptible to sudden change their environment.

How to avoid rapid decay?

primarily with the purchase should pay attention to the apparent condition of the buds.They have to be closed or slightly open.Preferably they were slightly greenish tint.If the store it does not look very attractive at home when the flowers unfold, they will last longer delight in its beauty.How to choose the tulips that have long stood in the water?When you purchase should give preference to yellow.Despite the assertion that the varietal tulip affiliation does not matter, experts recommend choosing Strong Goldi.Among the red varieties are very popular and Armanit Kung Fud.

Storage bouquet

How to keep fresh tulips after purchase?Immediately after the acquisition of the bouquet is recommended to remove it from the plastic bag.Next flowers wrapped in a damp paper or newspaper and put for a while in a cool place.This is done in order to minimize stress and to get used to the new lighting tulips.Next flower vase filled with cold water, because tulips are very fond of coolness.In this desirable to use tap water, since it contains hard impurities including harmful chlorine.They can adversely affect the state of the bouquet.It is necessary to use soft water, pre-cleaned filter.It removes harmful substances and impurities.The ideal situation would be the rain and melt water, to which you can add an ice cube.Vase of flowers, it is desirable to put in a cool dark place.It is necessary to constantly monitor the water level in the vase with the tulips, as these colors are very hygrophilous and loved to drink a lot.

There is a small trick, how to keep the tulips.To make a long cut flowers stood on the night they were transferred to a place with a minimum temperature.In such circumstances, the buds are closed and the bouquet will remain fresh for a longer time.

How often to change water

How much are the tulips in water?This factor depends not only on the varietal characteristics, but also the owner of the most colorful bouquet.It should be remembered that the water in the vase is changed every two days, as it has the ability to turn sour.Old water pours out, and then the vase should be rinsed thoroughly using soap or powder.At each new stem is cut.Thus the old part to be cut diagonally are not as, for example, pitch.We must remember that the stems are cut straight and without tilting in such colors as the tulips.For a long time there were these plants in fresh water you can pour a special powder colors, which can be found in stores under the name "Chrisal."A vase with a bouquet of tulips should not stand near the fruit.The reason is that any bulbous flower is sensitive to substances secreted fruits - Ethylene.Under the influence of a "catalyst" tulips wither quickly.

How much are the tulips in water, along with other colors?It is believed that their placement with daffodils in a vase is not recommended.Recent tend to release mucous substance which envelops the other colors and prevents their access to water.Therefore tulips stored in separate containers to be separate from the other colors.

How to prolong the life of flowers fade?

should be remembered that at the first sign of wilting petals tulips should be sprayed with cool water.For best effect, remove the stamens from the flowers and the bouquet is immersed for some time in cold water.When started droop buds and stems are soft to the touch, each flower is wrapped in a paper or paper.After that you need to put the tulips in a vase, completely filled with warm water.

What to do after flowering

Tulips tend not to fade and crumble.After the withering away of the flower buds can be dried onion leaves and the flower, and in late summer to land on the garden.The most successful month for these procedures - August.If you plant a bulb in a pot and keep it in a cool light place, you can also achieve a long flowering.At the same time the soil in pots need to constantly maintain a moist.

Thus, following some simple recommendations listed above, you can extend the life of such a beautiful flowers, like tulips.How long are the creators of the spring mood, of course, it depends on the owner.With proper care, they will delight you with up to seven days.