Smoking area defined by federal law

Throughout the civilized world has long been actively combating smoking.Some countries overstate the cost of the excise tax on tobacco products, resulting in the price of cigarettes increased by several times.Other introduced universal ban on smoking.Still others are printed on cigarette packs frightening texts and pictures.Fourth commissioned to develop a special place for smoking.Subsequently, they were all over the place, and smoke can be just there.

in Russia has long waged struggle against passive smoking, with merciless statistics: 75% of men and 21% women smokes constantly, and to create a specific place for anyone smoking had not occurred.The first attempts to save the nation from a bad habit, such as a ban on tobacco advertising on television, the Ministry of Health warning of the possible consequences of this bad habit, written in bold text to half a pack, have not solved the problem.And then, finally, the Federal Law №15 - Federal Law "On protection of public health from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption."

Fans and opponents of smoking eagerly awaited release of the Federal Law, and at this time the country captured a number of the most contradictory rumors that understand this information disarray could neither first nor the second.Someone said that smoking areas would not be at all, someone on the contrary, argued that smoking in general are not going to restrict.In fact, it was not so categorical.In Articles 12 and 13 of the Federal Law does not specifically designated, no smoking area, but exhaustively defined, where smoking is not allowed.

So, from July 1, 2013 smoking is prohibited in all educational institutions and institutions of culture, sport and youth bodies.Smokers, to move any kind of transport other than their own, will have to resist the cigarette before the end of the path.The only available place for smoking - it stops.

Among other things, smoking is prohibited in hotels, hostels, hostels, shops, markets, all catering establishments, at the offices of local government, social services, in the workplace and in the organized areas.

Those who used to smoke in the hallway, too, will have to look for alternatives.Smoking in the hallways and elevators of houses is now illegal, as well as smoking in health care facilities.If your yard has a playground, you can not smoke there too.

The question is: "Where are you can still enjoy the cigarette smoke?"There are established rules in order to open space for smoking.The requirements are simple: they must be isolated from all working premises have an area of ​​75 squares to be removed for at least five meters away from all of these objects, if they are on the street.So far no one has banned smoking in their apartment or car.

Ultimately, society has adopted this law is quite loyal.However, with its implementation, as well as with the involvement of responsibility, there is a certain difficulty.After all, to impose a fine on the smoker, it should catch the hand, and must necessarily do so the police, and this is problematic, because to prove the fact of smoking is almost impossible.