The legislation and the elimination LLC.

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According to recent statistics, more than 80% of small and medium-sized businesses belong to Russian Limited Liability Company, Ltd. briefly called.In principle, this is not surprising, since this is the organizational legal form of the company best suited to conduct virtually every economic activity.In addition, the company is very convenient in terms of business development: the lack of restrictions on financial turnover, the possibility of increasing state control structure can be formed "by itself", the possibility of attracting financial investment ... No wonder Limited Liability gained popularity in the mostCIS countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan ...

At the same time, in addition to many advantages, Ltd. all have one significant disadvantage - they can not be eliminated in one moment.Even with more features and a great desire for one or two months the businessman will not be able to stop the activities of the enterprise.Why is that?Because this legislation through a special procedure.It's called - the elimination LLC.Unfortunately, this is an unhurried process: publication of the advertisement, the collection of documents of various checks ... As practice shows, the average term of liquidation company - 5-6 months.It is under the right of tax deductions and immaculate bookkeeping.And what about those who have crept into reports errors or simply not possible to wait?

In this respect within the law, there are various ways of liquidation:

1) Voluntary liquidation.

official liquidation of the enterprise according to the procedure prescribed in the current legislation.At the same time, first served application to the registrar, given the publication of the liquidation announcement to the press, and then held a number of tax and financial audits.In most cases, the process of reconciliation sample various state bodies legal entities employ many penalties and interest.(One of the longest on time, and sometimes the most expensive procedure for Finance)

2) Elimination of the recognition by the bankrupt company.

Another statutory liquidation of the company, for businesses with large debts.If a legal person has no financial means to calculate with numerous creditors held the so-called bankruptcy.Sometimes this fact is found out only in the process of voluntary liquidation, then it also goes into bankruptcy.(Usually lasts longer than a voluntary liquidation, the financial side is generally not necessary to speak)

3) Change of owner (s) and director of the company.

formal liquidation is not, as in this case, the company continues its activities.Sometimes this method is also called the alternative of liquidation.Pretty risky procedure because a few years in a variety of structures to the previous owners may receive financial claims.(The cheapest and fastest way but requires "jewelry" compliance with legal technicalities)

4) reorganization of the company.

This company merges with any firm or absorbed by any company.The result: the documents completely ceases Ltd. economic activity, which is now leads his successor - other entity.A more robust from a legal point of view the way.Unfortunately, this method can only be subject to availability of a suitable structure for the transaction.(A longer way than the change of the founders, at the same time the fastest than all the rest)