How to apply thermal paste?

Modern computers have a fairly sophisticated device, but with many of the problems associated with their work, you can manage on their own.In this article we will see how to apply thermal paste.It allows you to maintain the correct temperature of the machine during operation system.However, improper application of thermal paste may harm your computer.

The question of how to apply thermal paste, is very relevant today.Correct application of a layer of thermal paste - it is one of the most important criteria for a good cooling of the processor.Whatever the excellent cooler properly applied layer will bring to naught all efforts to achieve the desired temperature.

Application temperature

begin with, as it should be the correct application of thermal paste.

  • her coat should be applied to the entire surface of contact between the heatsink to the processor or other chip evenly;

  • layer of thermal paste should be thin enough;

  • this layer must be solid, that is, not to have breaks of thermal paste, bare spots and so on.

If applying thermal paste to produce properly, it can lead to a malfunction of the computer.

process of applying thermal paste

To perform this operation the user will need a tube of thermal paste, and the surface of the plastic card, which will be applied paste.

first step is to take a tube of toothpaste, squeezing its contents onto the surface of the processor from one end to the other by a straight line.

necessary to carefully monitor that the line was not too thin or thick.In the first case of thermal grease may not be enough until the end of the processor, and in the second layer will be very thick.

After drawing the line we taken the card, press it the edge in such a way that it is bent to the surface of the paste.For this fit the usual plastic cards.Then, slowly, reducing the pressing force, in one motion smear thermal paste left.

Usually, the result will be just perfect.In that case, if something did not work, the process can be repeated after removing the paste from the processor.To layer get thinner and more uniform, it can be carried out on the surface of the card processor repeatedly.In this case, the cooling of the processor is the most effective.

It is important that all the excess thermal paste that came out of the surface of the CPU are deleted.In addition, should closely monitor their movements to accident, sullying paste your fingers, do not mess with its motherboard.To remove the excess can be used a cotton pad or a loose cloth.

In the described case, apply thermal grease to the cooler is not necessary.That is, the paste is applied on a processor, or a radiator.Two layers of thermal paste should not be done.These are the basic rules of how to apply thermal paste.

It seems to be quite simple and clear, but often in regular services just dripping thermal grease on the surface of the processor.For some time, perhaps, the processor will work.However, he soon enough come inoperable due to overheating.

As to the question, how often you need to change the thermal paste, you should worry about it once or twice a year, but only if properly maintained temperature, no overheating and temperature at close to critical.If the process temperature is often close to 70 ° C, the paste will have to change more often.

We hope that this article has helped answer the question of how to apply thermal paste.Anyone could handle it on their own.It must be remembered that we should take very seriously all the recommendations of experts, if you do not want to cause harm to your computer.