How to improve sperm and increase the chances of pregnancy

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Recently, more and more young families are turning to doctors of reproduction because they fail to conceive a child on their own.In 60% of cases, the cause of infertility lies in women, but male factor also very common.In order to avoid or refute the inability to have children at the man, enough to pass only one analysis - semen analysis.Just a couple of hours after the analysis will be judged on the quality of semen.If the result was that there are certain problems, you need to discuss with your doctor how to improve sperm and increase the chances of conception.

  1. first thing you need to do on the road to parenthood - is to give up bad habits.Smoking and alcohol impair the quality of sperm and reduce their mobility.In addition, under the influence of ethyl alcohol and nicotine increased number of pathological forms.These sperm can fertilize the egg, but because of the failures can be the fruit with developmental disabilities.Therefore, the first step in how to improve sperm - a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Make sure that what you're wearing underwear.It is proved that the use of close heats creates discomfort in the scrotum and the quality of sperm.So give free choice "boxers" and do not wear tight jeans.The same applies to very high temperatures, which simply kill sperm.Limit visiting baths, hot tubs, and the adoption of the use of heated seats in a car.
  3. Nutrition plays an important role on the road to how to improve semen.You must monitor their diet and, at least temporarily abandon consumption of fatty, spicy and too salty food.Prefer fish, vegetables and fruits, so how to improve sperm motility will help all these products.
  4. Avoid stress and conflict situations, get enough sleep and rest well.In a healthy body - healthy mind and sperm quality.
  5. urologist, interpreting your results may prescribe drugs that improve sperm.These can be conventional multivitamin supplements containing a large amount of zinc, selenium, and folic acid, as well as more serious drug in extreme cases.
  6. If the cause of the deterioration of sperm quality are various inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system of man, the first thing it is necessary to treat them.
  7. If your goal is to conceive a child, have sex only once in three days.This is due to the fact that the frequent sexual intercourse the sperm do not have time to ripen, and the number and mobility are greatly reduced.
  8. If you are working in close contact with the chemical and toxic products, it is necessary to change the scope of activities or move to another department.

Now you know how to improve sperm and increase the chances of pregnancy.Follow your doctor's advice, and the result will not be long in coming.And very soon your partner will give you two bright stripes on the test to determine pregnancy.