The consequences of the flap can change a life

lapel, as well as the spell is a magical influence, that is, violent interference in clean energy person.This case can be both helpful and have very serious consequences.How to use the lapel, so as not to suffer?

Lapel used in several cases.Firstly, when a person is charmed and need to rid it of unnatural, wrecking the life of the program.Secondly, if you want to build a relationship with the pleasant man whose heart is already taken.To do this, first destroy the existing relationship.The consequences of the flap can be completely different, diametrically opposed.It all depends on the purpose of the ritual.

lapel as a defense against love spell

favorite charmed If it is considered that the most effective way to save him from the magical influence is the fulfillment of the flap.In this case, using a special ritual neutralize the negative impact on human bio-energy field.The consequences of the flap will be the most positive, if it is carried out professionally.That is, you first need to determine the impact, his technique force.Then perform the ritual lapel considering all of these factors.This is how professional.The negative energy, thus either neutralized or removed from the field of "victim."It is undesirable to carry out their own lapel, the consequences could be unpredictable until the conversion of energy in the love spell damage.This is extremely dangerous for a person with whose work biofield.You can destroy not only his health but also fate.

Consequences lapel love of fate

When sincere, these higher powers interfere with the relationship with the third man of magic, the result is very disappointing.The consequences of the flap will feel true love once three people."Victim" will suffer and suffer.His (her) feelings will be like a split personality.A man will love two people at once.From true love is not so easy to deliver as advertised magicians.This feeling comes from the depths of the soul, it may be time to mute, but completely impossible to get rid of him.Thus, the "victim" will pull and loved, and to bewitch.

all spheres of human life affect lapel love.The effects may occur in the event of damage - in the form of disease, deprivation, the collapse of the career of alcoholism.The loss of true love, which occurred with the use of magic, can even lead to suicide attempts.

Consequences lapel negative impact on the person who is trying to deprive the second half.The pain of loss can exacerbate the negative energy of the ritual, which will certainly affect on him.In addition, since the energy exchange between loving people is very strong, the second person of the happy couple "picked up" the negative, while there will be a gap.Sage is required to determine a damage caused to a person of the singular, which carried out the lapel.

particularly negative interference in other people's feelings, data on the fate, impact on customer ritual.For him, only the first flap consequences seem good.He achieved his goal: destroy other people's happy relationship!But it will have to pay.After some time, the man will survive the loss which hurt his touches.Filter will be what is for him the greatest value.No assurances magicians that they will put the protection is not justified.Interference in the fishery higher powers, is already connected to a couple of people have to suffer a long and painful!