When practiced the mantra of Ganesha?

Ganesh Mantra - is one of the many thousands of mantras, which are read and sung daily throughout the world.The very concept is derived from the words sankritskih «manas» and «trai», which together means "salvation through concentration of the mind, of thought."Mantras are the verses, words or individual syllables that affect human consciousness in different types of utterance.Someone thinks their conspiracies, some praying, some mystical sound combinations, but for millennia seen the practice of mantras allows people to improve their health, to achieve well-being and prosperity.

Who was Ganesha who pray with the help of mantras?In the Indian pantheon of deities is a supreme being with four, eight or sixteen hands, full body, with a human body and an elephant's head, which has a single tusk.This head deity derives from the fact that other members of the pantheon, in one version, were not invited to feast on his birthday, on the other - just do not like his birth.It is believed that Shani incinerated head of the newborn baby, after which he "put" this part of the body from the first got the animal, which turned out to be an elephant.Ganesh Mantra allows us to overcome the obstacles to success, wealth, succeed in business.In addition, the Indian god protects people traveling.

Ganesha is considered to be the son of Shiva and Parvati, and has two wives - Siddhi ("success") and Buddhi ("reason").He appeared in the Indian pantheon in the early Middle Ages and is revered supreme being, which was created to discourage evil deeds.Ganesh Mantra read when you need to overcome the audacity, selfishness, pride subdue or suppress the vanity of life.Full ritual, performed in front of a statue of Ganesha, is rather complicated for those who do not profess a religion proper.Therefore it is necessary to remember that sometimes the success that brings the Indian god, depending on the size figures, which will be installed at home or at work, as well as the offerings that are made in its favor.Ganesha loves sweets, in addition, it has traditionally bring coins, incense, lamps and fire in others.

Ganesha mantra to attract money sounds long enough.It begins as "Om gam ganapataye", followed by the words: "sarve vighna" then "Rice sarvaye sarve" and further: "gurave Lamba Darayya Hrim din Namaha."This combination is considered to be very powerful to gain a higher level of well-being.Read the prayer should be in the amount of time a multiple of three.The most good option relies uttering the mantra one hundred and eight times.In order not to lose, you can buy special rosary with the same number of grains or beads.Prayers can be read in a whisper, loud and to himself.These ways of pronouncing called "vaikhari", "upamsu Japa" and "manasika mantra" respectively.

What else happens to the god Ganesha mantra?The text of the common greeting to the deity pronounced "Om Namaha ganapataye din."His reading helps to find the purity of intention, which in turn must succeed in all cases.It is very important to pronounce words correctly, observe the pause and rhythm.Therefore, it is desirable to listen, how to read the prayers of the priests.

To Ganesha mantra brought results, it is necessary to read every day, with a pure heart and good intentions.The concentration in the process of "singing" must be maximum.Only in this case, you can count on a change for the better, somewhere a month of constant practice.