Example of declaring a type of advertising

Nowadays advertising has become an integral part of everyday life.She accompanies us everywhere: on the way to work, while walking around the city, in transport, on the TV screen.One of the types of advertising that gradually fades into the background, but it is still an effective way to attract customers - text ad.

This article will discuss the main factors that affect the quality and the effectiveness of advertising.That is, you will learn how to write ads, examples of different options will also be presented.It will indicate what major mistakes are made when filing.

main components ads

  1. carefully approach the selection of the title.It does not make it very long or too short.The optimal length - 50-60 characters.It plays a big part because if the reader does not like the name, it is not even going to read next.
  2. that the reader does not have any questions, the text of the ad is to be maximized, explain exactly what you have to offer.Writing in plain language is necessary for the people.
  3. Have photos significantly increase the chances of selling a service or product as soon as possible.Thanks to her, the reader can clearly see and understand, you need it or not.
  4. If possible, you should add the address, because many just pay attention to the location, it was not necessary to spend a lot of time on the trip.It will be sufficient to indicate the area and the street where you live.

right example ads

Title: worker, a powerful computer in black.

Description: Buy a computer in working condition.System requirements: ... (Intel inside 2.2 GHz ...).Great for games and for work.

Cost: 10,000 rubles.

Available photos: There are 4 photos.

Wrong example

Title: Computer, selling a computer, cheap computer.

Description: Buy computer store computer accessories.Buy a computer.Shop laptops.

Cost: 10,000 rubles.

Available photos: No.

This example of unacceptable ads.It looks like a set of words, and no one will pay attention to it, because it looks like spam.

How to advertise the work

the question supply listings of jobs should be treated as seriously as to the filing of advertising.And what in our time could attract readers?

algorithm writing ads

1. large amount of text is always better to attract the attention of those who are in need of work.You can, of course, put a standard, unremarkable ads and content with "second class".

2. When should an image volume.Logically, everyone reads the same from left to right and, of course, from the top down.Therefore, it is wise to print it from the top, at the beginning of the page.Since your ad is the nature of the business most effectively will put your company logo.

3. It is important to convince the applicant that it was your company is the best and decent to want to work there.

For any self-respecting company it is important to gain an ambitious, hard-working staff.They should burn the eyes, and their main goal has to be a high income.The main thing - to convince them that you are exactly the kind of company that can meet all their needs and to help provide for his family.Better yet would be to show how "powerful" your business, and if it does not prove that you are moving in this direction.

4. The next step - to tell you why you started to look for an employee.

Example Ad

Construction company will hire a porter and a sales representative.

Eligible Applicants have major companies.This suggests that wages be decent.The same company has placed the same advertisement, the only difference was a huge job list, which immediately attracted attention.It follows that workers are often laid off and thus create a huge churn.It can only indicate shortcomings in wages or the administrative board.

original example

If people were heartless and did not know such a wonderful feeling, like love, we would not need experienced staff to our restaurant.Our pride charmed one American and took to their homeland.We sincerely wish her happiness, and does not envy, as will be hard to find a decent employee who ... (then walked Job Requirements).

At first glance, this ad is more like an example of the novel.But such examples of advertisements will help engage the reader with their uniqueness and stand out from the competition.As for the reasons for the search of employees, the popular response is opening a new office or create a new direction.

Up to this point everything written was part of the preparation.The main piece is the title of the ad.It is not necessary to invent unknown to anyone vacancies, as it only alienate.The simpler and clearer the position, the more you invite to interview potential employees.An exception may be only those companies that initially want to protect themselves from calls uneducated people.You can also specify the required number of employees - this will determine who is ready to fight for a place under the sun, and who come just to sit pants.

last and least important point in the declaration are the requirements for the applicant and contact details.

It is desirable that all of the above were your classifieds for jobs.An example of such posts recruitment can be seen in large and experienced companies.

How to achieve effective ads?

Examples advertisements can be seen everywhere: on the street, on television and especially the Internet.Their main feature is the concrete.In other words, it is not necessary to introduce potential clients misleading.That is, if a person is interested in buying a washing machine, not immediately assure him that it is you will help him in the acquisition.If the ads are written keywords, on every request made by the phrases you will get it on your page, thereby increasing demand.Availability price or the possibility to get a discount even more force the client to think about the benefits of the purchase from you.A well-chosen keywords will save you money and will not cause negative emotions in users.

To increase the chances of your campaign, you need to create separate groups, which will be spelled out all sorts of options of keywords.Before it is necessary to write all the information that may be of interest to the visitor.If it is not enough to meet his needs, he will go to your competitors.Last but not least, it is this: in any case, do not use the title or name of the company website, as the first customer is looking for the goods, and who it sells, can be found on the website.

Announcement on cash contribution

It is a common form.In any bank you can get an example.Announcement on the cash contribution includes the receipt issued by the bank.It is necessary to certify you in getting the money that came into your account.

worth noting that no matter what you take an example of the ad basis.In any case competently and with a sense come up with text, you can absolutely be interested in any reader, even if he does not need.