To the house was warm and cozy: grow flowers of happiness

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Potted flowers - not only a great tool that allows you to decorate our interior, update it, make it more elegant, cozy, joyful.In addition to the aesthetic function, green pets are a few more: they clean energy space of the room, neutralize negative that we and our loved ones often splashes out on each other.Many of them have healing properties of aromatherapy.However, first things first.

Bamboo - a symbol of wealth and happiness

connoisseurs and followers of the popular eastern teachings of Feng Shui, calling the room the color of happiness, first of all mention the bamboo.Why is that?Because that's what it is known as the most powerful among the plants mascot to attract into the house of wealth and good luck.Bamboo - a symbol of life, the personification of unbending resistance and will.It is flexible and durable, it can be bent, but not broken.And their owners flower conveys inexhaustible vitality and energy.Fully justifying its proud title of "Flowers luck", bamboo bushes on your window sills to protect the house from unwanted foreign influence, envy and malice, to help get rid of the evil eye and the tribal curse will be removed and the resulting negative external help cherished desires fulfilled.Moreover, if your office are pots with well overgrown with bamboo, it will help you gain the flexibility of mind, thinking of the versatility.And the creative nature of happiness these flowers will be extremely useful in terms of art and artistic talents.Finally, according to Oriental medicine, plant their presence has beneficial effects on people with a mental problem, various kinds of mental illness.It makes it easier to bouts of depression and melancholy, heals psychological atmosphere of the home in general and relations between people - in particular.Plus - bamboo eaten.His young fresh shoots are considered a delicacy among gourmets and eaten with sauce, prepared on the basis of lemon juice.Here they are tasty and healthy, these wonderful bamboo flowers happiness!

Flower kings and rulers - the basil

Basil is widely known as an excellent seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes.Did you know that from the time of ancient Greece and Rome, the plant is considered a strong talisman home.Planted in pots and grown at home, the best on a window sill bedrooms, it enhances sexual desire and love between spouses, inflames passions and erotic fantasies.This was known servants and worshipers of Bacchus cults.The food at meals during religious holidays erotic generously flavored with basil, juice rubbed on his skin that she made a light scent of the plant.The effect of such manipulation was stunning.Because now basil - a flower that brings happiness and peace in the family, warm harmonious relationship and joy.In addition, placing a flower at home, you'll always have on hand a tasty and healthy seasoning.Among its nutritional quality note antidepressant properties.Substances in plant tissue, ingestion act positively on our nervous system, improve mood.The homeopathic medicine cabinet basil is considered a strong natural anti-depressant.In magic, thanks to the plant, it is possible to expel the demons out of the man and to protect themselves from evil spirits.

And a few more words on the subject

in one article is difficult to list all the flowers home, bringing happiness.Be sure to remember the spatiffillume who, according to legend, gives women the joy of family life and motherhood.Its "ally", anthurium, in turn, gives strength, luck and success in various branches of the life of men.It attracts money home, the financial health and stability of jasmine.Breathing its fragrance at night, you can see a prophetic dream.And what a wonderful afrodoziak obtained from jasmine oil!Those who have used it for this purpose, of course, were very pleased with the results.Unmarried girls and women definitely need to keep the house jasmine - its smell men fly off like bees on a flower - just choose the most worthy!Lavender, lemongrass and still many, many other flowers grown by you, will help you to be happy!

Good luck to you and your home!