The most powerful place of power in Moscow

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place of power referred to special areas in which energy is released sacred.They may be "dark" and "light."In the second case, energy healing place that promotes the execution of different kinds of desires.The "dark" areas can often see ghosts where failures occur in time, mysterious accidents.

Moscow - a city of ancient and, of course, full of such places.There in the capital as the area with the positive and negative energy.Of course, the most important place of power in Moscow is located in its historical center - the Kremlin.According to legend, somewhere in the territory of the ancient buildings is the so-called "Center primordial."It is a sacred place that previously ruled the city energy.But where exactly is this area, which in fact can be called energy center of Russia, now known.

"dark" place of power in Moscow in the Kremlin - Borovitsky hill.According to legend, a pagan priest, who baked again Christians burned at its peak, before death cursed the mountain.For a long time called Witch Hill.At this point, there is a truly enormous number of graves.

Modern Pagans believe that "light" place of power in Moscow, the Kremlin is on the Ivanovo area.They even secretly held her a ritual of opening the gate, connecting the real world with the earthly heaven.According to their assurances, immediately after the ritual of the Kremlin broke the terrible hurricane, which was seen by them as a sign of the success of the ceremony.

Places of power in Moscow are not only in its historical center.Many believe such Sparrow Hills.Ostankino TV tower also can be safely attributed to the energy-rich region.The fact is that before there was a village located, which bore the name Ostankino, because in even earlier times, its territory was a cemetery.

One of the most interesting places of power of the capital can be called MIREA.There psychics observe certain energy vortex.These streams provoke distortions of time and sometimes even move in it.According to modern psychics in the area is a cleansing energy vortex.

In Moscow there are also many places of power.This, for example, falls Gremyachiy key.Next to him a long time he lived Sergei of Radonezh.Now it is a place of pilgrimage.The water in this spring is considered the most healing in the suburbs.From Moscow to the place you need to go on foot.Once upon a time, out of respect to the saint so there were even Russian tsars.

can endlessly list the places of power in Moscow and the Moscow region.In this area, a lot of them.There is also the old cemetery and pagan temples and territories associated with any historical events.Over the centuries, this area really gained a huge amount of energy, both positive and negative.So fans of all mystical capital can be extremely interesting.

Kremlin - the most energy-rich place of power in Moscow.Ancient architects probably know exactly where you need to build a fortress.So the city itself can to some extent be considered a place of great power.Especially when you consider that it is the lot of all the capitals of the huge state.